Football, News, Sport News | September 29, 2011

Bracken Christian: Midterm Grades are in for Football

The grades are in for the Bracken Christian Warriors for the first half of the season. It should not be much of a surprise…A+

The Warriors have had four mercy games out of the first five games of the season. Which should give you a good idea for the high grade.

Bracken cleared the first hurdle when the Warriors beat Austin Hill Country, 68-48 on the first game of the season.

The team is averaging right at 62 points a game while giving up 15 for the first five games.

Historically BCS is averaging the most points ever at this point of the season. Last season Bracken averaged over 55 points a game based on the same number of games.

Defensively the same can be spouted. This is the lowest point total for this time of year. Last season the Warriors were giving up just three points more.

BCS has seemed to add more weapons to their arsenal and the players that are back from the State Championship game are one year older.

Austin Wilkinson and Arnold Adame are two players that come to mind for the added arsenal part of the team.

Both players have added some impressive offensive numbers to the already dangerous team.

The good news? Grady Achilles will be more rested when the most important time of the season comes to the horizon.

Kerrville OLH will be the last game of the season and then playoffs will be when the Warriors are allowed to let out all the horses out for a stampede and a chance to repeat as State Champion.

The first game against Austin Hill Country was a pivotal contest based on strength of schedule.

The Knights could very well be, the second best team in State.

When district play starts next week, the Warriors will have a couple of hurdles to see what will transpire.

San Antonio The Winston will bring one of the top backs in State to Warrior Stadium. Winston’s problem will be having a team not enjoying defense, so the objective would come down to how much can BCS defense hold Winston’s offense.

BCS will not have any trouble scoring in this game.

Kerrville OLH will be the next hurdle to clear. This game has come down to the wire in the last three games and home field has not been kind for home cooking.

OLH lost to Austin Hill Country earlier this year, but the dreaded on-side kick will certainly play into the heads of the Warriors.

Grady Achilles has seemed quiet but the young man has been right in the same area when comparing the past seasons to this one…look at the three year comparison:

Grady Achilles    ‘09    ‘10   ‘11
 Rushing Yards    696    971   697   5games
 Finished With   2264   2940  ????   13 and 14 games
 Carries           72     70    64   5games
 Receiving Yards   30     47   252      
 Rush/Rec. Yards  726   1018   949 

 Warriors         ‘09    ‘10   ‘11
 Total Yards     1636   1728  1959
 Rushing Yds     1109   1157  1417

One thing that you need to notice with the numbers above? The difference in how many yards rushing Achilles has is based on the rest of the team. This will reveal to fans the importance of depth this team has being compared to other years.

BCS had 186 yards rushing by other athletes other than Grady Achilles last season. This year the other players for the Warriors have contributed 720 yards rushing.

That statistic should help fans understand this team will give their opponents way more headaches based on players needing to be accounted for on any given play.

The Warriors have also given teams more to look for in the passing department.

Arnold Adame and Grady Achilles have both added substantial yards to weapons needed for battle. Add other newcomers, Austin Wilkinson along with wide receiver Jordan McDaniel and you have weapons coming from several places on the field.

Quarterback Eli Achilles has played two and a half years and his experience is bringing immeasurable benefits on the offensive side.

The BCS Defense is just as lethal. This part of the team had the most concern from Coaches point of view, but the improvement derived from several players will only get better as the season progresses.

Once again, Senior Austin Wilkinson, brings his quickness and knowledge from playing for Smithson Valley along with Conner Simmons, Eli Achilles, Peter Corey, and Kevin Knapick gives Coaches a softer pillow to sleep with.

The defense is giving up less than 200 yards per game, which in Six-Man terms means they are pretty salty.

Turnovers have been at a minimum this season and the All-State Punter, Kevin Knapick next punt will be his first for this season.

Gives you an idea of how dominant the State Champions have been this season.

Another bonus for this season is the schedule. Bracken Christian will only have one more road game to Marble Falls. If the team can win District, then that would also give the Warriors home field for the first round of the playoffs.

The new lights for Warriors Stadium will get lots of use for the rest of the year, but BCS will certainly still try to save money on the electric bill and mercy rule as many games as possible.

Here’s saying that is a good possibility.