Coaches Corner, Football, Sport News | September 7, 2011

Coaches Corner: BCS Lloyd Fields

Head Coach Lloyd Fields

Head Coach Lloyd Fields

Head Coach Lloyd Fields has won 35 of the 45 total number of wins at Bracken Christian. To say Fields has some football wisdom would be an understatement.

The Warriors have been dealing with a schedule the past few years that has started and ended tough, but the middle part usually does not present as much of a challenge.

Coaches have to use all of their motivational techniques to keep the team sharp, so they won’t forget how to compete for the end of the year and then into the playoffs.

“We are a better offense than we were this time last year,” Coach Fields started. “We still have some areas on defense that we are still searching for some answers.”

The offense has been humming along but the passing game has not been in the arsenal yet this season.

“We don’t rely on the passing game,” Coach Fields reiterated. “When you can run, then the passing game is not as important, but we have expanded the field a little.”

In the game against Emery-Weiner last week, the Warriors blitzed the Jaguars 58-8 and this was against a team that was working on a 15 game winning streak.

“Their defense could not adjust to our speed,” Coach Fields said. “They were not as fast as we thought they were on film.”

The Warriors have moved a lot players around to start the season and Coach Fields let it be known that he was very pleased with the advancement of several players.

“Davis Scott can’t be moved from the Center position and we can’t take a chance of an injury and play him on defense. If we lost Scott, then we would have to change three other players with their positions,” Coach Fields expounded. “Arnold Adame at Tight End and Connor Simmons as the Defensive End have both stepped up their game.”

The new kid on the block that also doubles as a Senior in High School, Austin Wilkinson also got some praise from Coach Fields. “Austin is getting better, you could tell his progressions from the first half to the second half in last week’s game.”

That statement certainly rang through as Wilkinson looked like the pinball wizard, except he was the pinball in the game.

Bracken Christian will play Tomball Rosehill this Friday and the Eagles had their way against Brenham Christian Academy the reigning Division II Champion last season.

Tomball Rosehill was beaten in the first game, but Coach Fields will give you a quick answer on why you should not take your next opponent lightly. “Tomball’s quarterback got knocked out in their first game and so they had to make some in game adjustments and lost the lead. Tomball is not as big as they were last year, but they still have some good players.”

Thanks Coach and we look forward to talking to the 36 game winner with BCS next week.