Coaches Corner, Football | September 13, 2011

Coaches Corner: Bracken’s Lloyd Fields

Head Coach Lloyd Fields

Head Coach Lloyd Fields

The Bracken Christian Warriors are in some rarefied air this year. The main ranking system for 6-Man football has the Warriors, Sixth in the State of Texas.

There are eight different division of teams in Texas and if you put all of the teams in one pot you will have 253 teams playing six-man football.

The other five teams ahead of Bracken Christian are UIL teams, who usually have permanent residences at the top of the heap. The Warriors ranking is one of the highest rankings of any private school in the past few years.

Now the season morphs into playing teams that might not be even off the ground much less in the upper stratosphere of this years team.

“We (Coaches) tell the team that they can have a let down,” Head Coach Lloyd Fields said. “But how they play now will come back at the end of the year when we will need to be ready. If were not, then letting down now could hurt us.”

Round Rock Christian is the team next on the docket. RR has a 1-2 record for this young season and have played Houston Emery-Weiner a common opponent for Bracken and RR.

Emery-Weiner beat Round Rock, 66-32 the first game of the season. E-W was the team the Warriors beat 58-8 two weeks ago. Bracken Christian beat Round Rock 57-0 last season.

The question? Has Round Rock Christian improved or BCS regressed to the point that this could be a closer game?

Not on paper. The game is on the road…BCS has a 19 game road winning streak.

In fact, the last loss on the road for the Warriors was, 2007 against Dickinson Pine Drive. The game was a one point loss during the second campaign.

Bracken has won 43 games since that loss on the road in 2007.

“We are not there defensively,” Lloyd Fields fielded. “We are still tinkering with the defense and we have enough of the older kids who know how to prepare.”

Lloyd Fields commented more on the upcoming game, “Round Rock will be a team that will run right up the middle and right at you…they are an up and coming team.”

The Warriors still have the bulls eye on their uniform and will still be working on parts of their game so they will be ready when the playoffs show up for the party.

“We haven’t seen any surprises from the teams yet,” Coach Fields finished. “We are pretty good at making on the run adjustments.”

Notice the last phrase of Coach Fields… “on the run”…maybe the Warriors are good at this type of game, because running is what they do better than at least 247 other teams in the State of Texas.