Coaches Corner, Sport News, Volleyball | September 7, 2011

Coaches Corner: Volleyball Coach Nicole Creek

Head Coach Nicole Creek with her two daughters

Head Coach Nicole Creek with her two daughters

The CLHS Volleyball team will start the District games this Friday     and The ReSporter wants to see where Coach Nicole Creek is with the team for the game this Friday at the Hawk gym.

ReSporter: How do you plan to see the team that swept Llano after the first game was played?

Coach Creek: “I hope that the girls see for themselves that they have to jump up early on teams, especially at home and have energy and enthusiasm from the beginning. I think they see this now.”

ReSporter: This District is loaded again, how do you feel as the season approaches?

Coach Creek: “Yes, our district is going to be very tough as usual..I feel that we can compete with all the teams as long as we come ready to play early on. I know our team is good and can be competitive but they take a while to get going. I told them last night that during District we cant wait so long to get going because everyone wants to win.”

ReSporter: It looks like you are still tinkering with the rotation and other nuances…how will Cayla Foster change when she is cleared to play?

Coach Creek: “Yes, but I think I like the way we are headed with this new lineup. Cayla is a great player and I hope she just adds to the depth of players on the bench.”

ReSporter: Marisa Ellis seems to be a steadying influence for the team, how will her game help the team in the next few weeks?

Coach Creek: “Marisa has been huge for us as a setter and now playing middle as well. She will be a crucial part to our offense and defense the rest of the season.”

ReSporter: Amber Ramsey controlled the net last night and Katie Williams had some power in her kills after the first game…how will there development propel the team for the stretch run?

Coach Creek: “Amber and Katie are a huge part of our offensive game. They are both young and still getting comfortable in there roles, but they have grown so much just in the past two weeks and have really stepped up in the roles on the outside and middle. In order for us to win games they each have to have almost double digit kills each night. If they can do this then our shot at the playoffs will look pretty good. However a big key to them getting kills is that our serve receive and defensive passing games are on as well!”

Good Luck this Friday!!!