Football, Sport News | September 6, 2011

Pre/Game: BCS vs. Tomball Rosehill

Bracken Christian  @ Tomball Rosehill
Warriors (2-0)    @   Eagles (1-1) 

 Game Time: 7:30 pm   September 9th

 History: BCS leads series 5-0
 ‘07 BCS 40  Eagles  24  Playoffs
 ‘08 BCS 72  Eagles  37
 ‘09 BCS 52  Eagles  44
 ‘09 BCS 46  Eagles  24  Playoffs
 ‘10 BCS 52  Eagles  24

 This Year:
 Eagles  30  Buckholts           42
 Eagles  48  Brenham Christian   18  

 BCS     68  Austin Hill Country  48
 BCS     58  Hou. Emery-Weiner    08

Bracken Christian Warriors will need to be reminded that the bulls eye will be on their jersey for the remainder of the season.

The Tomball Rosehill Christian team beat Brenham Christian the reigning Division II Champion last week and would love nothing better than to do the trick again against the Warriors.

Number 3 Trey Frederick will be the workhorse for the Eagles. He has over 300 yards rushing this season. In last week’s game he totaled 229 yards on 28 carries.

Tomball only passed four times, but each reception scored a touchdown and Logan Oliver caught all the passes.

So number 3 for the runs and then a surprise pass to #47 for the receiving yards and that should tell you what to watch for in the game.

Frederick is also their kicker and he made only three of the seven extra bonus point tries.

This was the second game and the Eagles jumped out to a 36-6 lead by halftime and coasted to the win.

Tomball Rosehill had 162 yards passing in the first game, so this is not a one trick pony.

Besides the Warriors don’t ride ponies. The problem with pre/game talk, would be the number of variables that are just not available this early in the season.

Rosehill turned the ball over several times in the loss and then were almost error free in the second game win. The other line to look at would be the competition and Bracken might have the advantage with the quality of wins so far.

Brenham Christian Academy did have a good run last year to the Championship, but the seniors lost put a big dent into thelr games this year.

Meanwhile, the Bracken Christian Warriors have broken the top ten for all of 6-Man Football in the State of Texas. Texas has 253 six-man teams and BCS has moved up to the ninth spot.

The Warriors are the highest ranked Private school and now have eight UIL teams in front of this special group of men.

The depth of Bracken is the main cog that will help in maintaining the ranking for the season.

In the game last Saturday against Houston Emery-Weiner, the Warriors faced a team steeped with depth, so much that they had six different players for offense and defense.

The depth Emery-Weiner did not propel them into the victory circle. Bracken would also have the other variable to help make the math problem = victory. SPEED!!

Tomball Rosehill has been on the short end of the scoreboard five times to the team from Bulverde. The game is on the road, but the 18 game road winning streak can strike down that bugaboo also.

Look for the speed of the Warriors to have a chance to bring some mercy to the home team.