Football, Game Article, Sport News | October 9, 2011

BCS Beats Lutheran with a Waltz in the Park, 68-6

Bracken Christian Warriors continue their waltz through District play as they pounded the Mustangs, 68-6 Friday night at Warrior Stadium.

The Warriors scored on every possession except for the one interception in the game as BCS worked up over 300 yards of total offense while holding the Mustangs to 90.

The waltz theme was introduce by the number of plays it took the Warriors to score, each time they had the ball.

 Possession   # of steps in dance     Result
 First             One step            8-0
 Second            Three step         16-0
 Third             One step           24-0
 Fourth            Three step         32-0
 Fifth             Three step         40-0
 Sixth             One step           48-0
 Seventh           Two step           56-0
 Eighth            One step           Interception
 Ninth             Three step         64-0
 Tenth             Two step           68-6

The dance routine does not have more than three steps in it and even the men in the stands can’t use the excuse that it is too complicated to dance with their wife. (or dates)

Grady Achilles touched the ball four times and was not tackled in the game.
Connor Simmons touched the ball once and was not tackled in the game.
Arnold Adame touched the ball two times and was not tackled in the game.
Austin Wilkinson touched the ball one time and was not tackled in the game.

Of the total of 19 plays run by the offense, the Mustangs defense had seven tackles in the ball game.

To repeat that number. The SA Lutheran defense (much less one player) did not get into double figures in tackles.

In the dancing realm that would be about the number of times you would step on your partners feet for one song.

Now that we have our theme for the game set, lets introduce the dancers to you.

Grady Achiiles was the best dancer as no one was able to step on his feet as he totaled 110 yards rushing on his four totes–all being touchdowns.

Arnold Adame would be next as he scored on two passes without being dipped by his dance partner.

Adame teamed up with Eli Achilles for his two touchdown receptions. The 24 yarder was a thing of beauty as Achilles’ perfect pass hit Adame’s outstretched hands as he crossed the goal line.

Adame also doubles as another blocker for the break dancers going by.

“It is awesome when you don’t have to hold your blocks that long when Grady (Achilles) gets the ball,” Adame said. “He has great speed. We also have good chemistry and know everyone very well out there.”

“We want to score on every play,” Adame finished.

Kevin Knapick decided not to go to the waltz and instead had some kicker dance music.

Knapick was good on all of his Bonus kicks, kicked a 35 yard field goal, was successful in kicking all but two of his kick-offs out of the end zone, and even tried out as a receiver for the other team when he intercepted a pass.

The twenty point outburst boosted Knapick to second place passing (350 points) Tye Sanders, a 2008 graduate (346 points), on the All-Time scoring list.

The field goal was against the wind and was tried on first down. Practice, practice, practice…you never know when the team might need a field goal to win or put points on the board.

It was the first field goal try since the Semi’s game against Greenville in 2009. Knapick is perfect with three in his career.

Bracken Christian has yet to try a punt this season, which raises the question for the Coaches. When will you try a punt, and will it be on second down? Just for practice…

“In my freshman year against OLH,  (kicker) Tye Sanders was hurt and I was asked to come in for the punt and I had never punted in a game before,” Knapick said. “I punted the ball 43 yards and it was downed on the half yard line.”

It is hard to punt when the Warriors don’t even have a fourth down, much less four downs on any series in a game.

Hence our dance routine…oh yes, where were we?

Connor Simmons rushed one time and he was not even close enough to a tackler to be close dancing.

Simmons has rushed six times in the last two years and has four touchdowns. His run in this game stretched 44 yards and once again Connor did not meet the grass at his feet.

The Defense might be deeper with Austin Wilkinson playing his only year for Bracken.

“We would have to change personnel on passing plays last season,” the astute Knapick said. “This year with Austin (Wilkinson) we don’t have to substitute and we can just change the call out on the field.”

The game was out of reach soon as Bracken scored 40 points in the first quarter on their way to another ‘Mercy’ game. It was the fifth mercy game in a row for the Warriors.

The good news with playing San Antonio Lutheran was the school is not Baptist where dancing might not be allowed.

Congrats on the dance routine your next class will be a rodeo…Good Luck!!

                     1   2   3   4   Final
 SA Lutheran         0   6   X   X    6
 Bracken Christian  40  28   x   x   68
 Scoring Summary:
 BCS-Grady Achilles 40 yard run (Kevin Knapick kick), 8:49, 1st
 BCS-Grady Achilles 9 yard run (Kevin Knapick kick), 6:01, 1st
 BCS-Grady Achilles 30 yard run (Kevin Knapick kick), 4:45, 1st
 BCS-Arnold Adame 24 yard pass from Eli Achilles (Knapick kick), 2:49, 1st
 BCS-Grady Achilles 31 yard run (Kevin Knapick kick), 1:10, 1st
 BCS-Arnold Adame 5 yard pass from Eli Achilles (Knapick kick), 8:58, 2nd
 BCS-Connor Simmons 44 yard run (Kevin Knapick kick), 6:54, 2nd
 BCS-Austin Wilkinson 35 yard run (Kevin Knapick kick), 3:44, 2nd
 SAL-Jackson 56 yard pass from Aramendia (run failed), 3:10, 2nd
 BCS-Kevin Knapick 35 yard field goal, 2:01, 2nd

                     Mustangs    Warriors
 Total Yards         90          304
 First Downs         3           7
 Rushes/Yards        18/-9       12/268
 Comp/Att/Int        5/19/1      3/7/1
 Passing Yards       99          36
 Punts/Ave           5/24.0      0/0
 Fumbles/Lost        1/1         0/0
 Penalties-Yards     4-20        1-10

 Passing         Comp    Att   Pct   Yds    TD   Int
 Eli Achilles    2       5    .400   29     2    0
 Jordan McDaniel 1       2    .500    7     0    1

 Rushing          Att   Yds    Ave   Lg    TD
 Grady Achilles    4    110   27.5   40    4
 Connor Simmons    1     44   44.0   44    1
 Austin Wilkinson  1     35   35.0   35    1
 Eli Achilles      1     30   30.0   30    0
 Sam Hilgendorf    1     25   25.0   25    0
 Kevin Knapick     2     13    6.5    8    0
 Ehren Jacobson    2     11    5.5    8    0

 Receiving         No    Yds    Ave   Lg    TD
 Arnold Adame      2     29    14.5   24    2
 Donald Loving     1      7     7.0    7    0