Game Article, Sport News, Volleyball | October 25, 2011

BCS Warriors Beat Lakehill Warriors, 26-24, 25-13, 25-6

Blockers Bailey Beene and Wendy Johnson taking care of Business

Blockers Bailey Beene and Wendy Johnson taking care of Business

The Area round of playoffs was a slow starting game for the Bracken Warriors as they had to come back to win the first game and then cruised to a three game sweep of Dalllas Lakehill Warriors at the Bracken gym on Tuesday night.

“Working out our nerves for the first playoff game…I don’t like the bye,” Head Coach Shaunna Teuton stated. “We did play some warm up games, but the playoffs are different and we needed to have one under our belt.”

BCS could not get any rallies as the team seemed to be playing in quick sand for much of the first game.

“We were just nervous on the first game,” Killer Amanda Morgan said. “We just played the first game as a warm up game and did not take it seriously.”

On the solution, Morgan reiterated, “We will warm up harder for the next game.”

Bracken was down 24-22 when Morgan served the winning points with the help of reserve middle blocker Wendy Johnson getting the final kill of the game for the closer than expected win.

“We weren’t warmed up yet,” Sophomore Karagan Day said in response to the slow start. “We are going to be prepared in our next game and we have to come out fighting.”

The back and forth game only had a couple of rallies from either team with the largest lead being 14-10 for BCS.

Caitlin Pruitt stands her ground as BCS grounds Dallas Lakehill

Caitlin Pruitt stands her ground as BCS grounds Dallas Lakehill

The Warriors from Dallas crept back into the game and tied the score at 18 all. From there Lakehill seemed to have the upper hand getting to game point….until Johnson used her height to block and finally getting the perfect pass for a nerve racking kill.

“I did not won’t to miss,” Junior Johnson said. “We are doing good and we are a lot better than last year.”

The second and third games were much quicker as the nerves seemed to settle down and the team that has now won 12 games in a row started passing and serving at a much crisper clip.

That combination put the Lakehill Warriors in a spiraling to the ground sensation. The third game had only five Bracken players having to serve.

Senior Becky Korkosz served for a 11-1 lead and Bracken never looked back.

Day had a three point rally on her serve, Parker Bolton another five point serve with Morgan and Caitlin Pruitt finishing off the outmatched Warriors from the Dallas Metroplex.

Outside Hitter Karagan Day gets her Point across

Outside Hitter Karagan Day gets her Point across

The third game was vintage Bracken Warriors.

Morgan had four of the kills on the dagger rally. Two aces for Korkosz, and another kill from Day.

The stats below will show the casual observer the number of players that contributed to the effort. This is not a one player team as Coach Teuton can draw from several different sources.

“This shows how much we missed starter, Briana Martinez,” Coach Teuton closed. “Becky (Korkosz) and Briana ( Martinez) serves so well and that was needed to get us going.”

Bracken will now play San Antonio Lutheran in Austin this coming Saturday at Concordia University.

Game time will be 12 Noon.

SA Lutheran beat Sherman Texoma Christian 3-0 to reach Regional round. The winner will advance to the Final Four to be played the next weekend in San Antonio.

26-24, 25-13, 25-6

Kills: Amanda Morgan 15
Assists: Becky Korkosz 21
Digs: Payton Stanush 16
Blocks: Bailey Beene 5
Aces: Becky Korkosz 4