Coaches Corner, Football, Sport News | October 5, 2011

Bracken’s Coaches Corner: Lloyd Fields

Head Coach Lloyd Fields

Head Coach Lloyd Fields

Bracken Christian will have a 99.9% chance of winning their game against the San Antonio Lutheran Mustangs this Friday night.

The Mustangs are not a football juggernaut and have presently won three games in a row. Don’t let those numbers fool you however…there is a chasm as large as the Grand Canyon between five to six teams and the rest of Division 1 TAPPS schools.

“We have one of the fastest teams I have ever coached,” Head Coach Lloyd Fields said. “This team is much more focused. A west Texas six-man coach once told me that if two teams are evenly matched, then you have a good chance of winning if you can stop the other team from scoring once a quarter.”

This game on Saturday will not have that problem, but Coach Fields is talking about how a team practices and plays this time of year will translate for games later in the season.

“We can’t just go through the motions,” Coach Fields continued. “The team understands the caliber of teams on their schedule and this is where the maturity sets in.”

The Warriors are presently at the part of schedule that hasn’t seen a loss in the last four years. Bracken has maintained an eight or longer winning streak during this stint since 2007.

“We have pulled practices way back this year,” Fields fielded. “When a team is built on speed, then these type of workouts will protect us.”

BCS is starting district play this week and the schedule is very similar to how the teams might finish. SA Lutheran is expected to finish last, then CASA would be one game better and so on and so on….

Kerrville OLH will be the last game and that is when the word juggernaut will be present again.

“We will have a quicker team to play after Lutheran, then Winston with a thunderback, Marble Falls will present different formations, and then we face the best back (Marshall Walker) in the State on OLH’s team,” Fields said with sage wisdom.

The Warriors are presently on a 19 game winning streak and you can expect this streak to reach 20 after Friday.

“We are deeper to a degree and we are developing a lot of players and playing back-ups more than ever,” Coach Fields said with confidence.

The question for the Coaches will be how did the team handle their respect for the game and follow through with their assignments.

The ReSporter is hoping for a 99.9 grade.