Coaches Corner, Football, Sport News | October 13, 2011

Coaches Corner: Bracken’s Lloyd Fields

“Each game gets more important,” Head Coach Lloyd Fields

Head Coach Lloyd Fields

Head Coach Lloyd Fields

admonished. “This will be a very difficult team to prepare for, because they do so much stuff.”

Stuff, is the operative word for different formations and giving defensive minded coaches enough headaches that their vocabulary incorporates the words like, ‘stuff’.

CASA will be the second team with a three game winning streak coming into the game with the Warriors in a row.

The Rams started the season slow, but have picked up steam recently by surprising several soothsayers with their victory over SA Winston last Friday.

CASA beat their cross town rivals 45-39 which raised several eyebrows the next morning as people were going over the previous evening scores.

“This will be the quickest team we have played since Hill Country,” Coach Fields said.

Hill Country was the first game of the season and are presently in second place in the TAPPS Football Polls.

The Rams slow start might have had something to do with their best back getting into the lineup for the first time earlier this season after missing games due to injury.

“We will have to play with intensity,” Coach Fields bared down. “The next four weeks get a little bit tougher each contest.”

The Warriors are presently on a 20 game winning streak and are now in the stretch run for the playoffs.

The win against SA Lutheran all but guaranteed a spot in the playoffs based on four teams that will qualify out of district play.

“We are finished with the touchy/feely part of our schedule and now we are back to playing football,” Coach Fields said. “You can’t just turn it on and off, we will need to seal the deal this week.”

That is the problem when talking to Coaches when they are busily putting together a game plan for their next opponent.

Now the ReSporter has to deal with words like ‘touchy’ and ‘feely’. Probably a good time to let Coach Fields go and take care of some hard nose football in his office.

Good luck Coach!!