Coaches Corner, Football | October 19, 2011

Coaches Corner: Bracken’s Lloyd Fields

Bracken Christian Warriors are starting the next phase of their season.

Head Coach Lloyd Fields

Head Coach Lloyd Fields

The end of District play will be in the next three weeks and Bracken still has some work to do as they ready themselves for Playoffs.

This conversation with Head Coach Lloyd Fields revolved more on how that part of the season will go….

One thing Coach Fields does know is the state of the team as they progress through this part of the schedule.

This week SA The Winston will be the opponent and Coach had some comments about the contest.

“The bruising running back had 412 yards last week,” Coach Fields said. “This team will not spread, and they don’t throw the ball much.”

The running back is Wilkerson who had over 200 yards rushing last year against the Warriors.

The Eagles will not try much else. This game compared to last week’s contest is diametrically opposite.

CASA last week gave us the operative word from Coach Fields called, ‘Stuff’. The comment came in telling us how many different formations that team would run.

This week? “They will come right at ya,” Coach Fields said taking the handoff.

The defensive side of the ball will have just one objective and that is stopping the ‘Bruising’ running back.

The good news? The Winston does not like to play defense.

CASA, last week’s opponent scored 45 points on the Eagles. That same team scored once on our second or third team defense last week.

In other words, that is a big difference. Expect another game of Bracken scoring on one, two, and three play drives.

The conversation then went to how the playoff brackets have been cultivated for this season playoffs.

BCS is in a small group of schools that have a realistic chance of winning State this year. The small group is five teams.

Kerrville OLH, Austin Hill Country, Abilene Christian, and Dallas Covenant are the teams in cahoots with Bracken at the top of the heap.

This past week, the Warriors went from being ranked First to Fourth, and that was after winning their 21st consecutive game.

“We get no respect from the teams up North,” Coach Fields said. “It was the same last year.”

The question is very simple, ‘How bad can a team beat a district team and not be penalized?’

The Warriors had 58 points after one quarter…do they beat the team 116 to get their point across?

The good news? High School is much more sophisticated than the NCAA and have a playoff. This allows discrepancies to taken out on the field instead of columns like this.

“They can rank us tenth,” Coach Fields calculated. “We still have to prove it on the field.”

The brackets were arranged with a ‘North’ bias, as this year the teams mentioned above have three of the top teams going through the South Bracket.

Dallas Covenant has the easier role making it to the promise land, while three of the other teams eliminate each other as Covenant waits for that opponent.

“We showed up to the party late,” Fields said dressed in his party hat.

Fields made the comment while talking about the age of the other football programs and relation to your Bracken Warriors.

“This is the first time since 2009, we are ranked lower than third in the State,” Coach Fields said. “We have had four weeks of no competition and that hurt us in the rankings.”

The four teams sharing the spotlight have something to prove.

  1. Dallas The Covenant: BCS beat them for Championship last Season…basically same team for both. Advantage BCS.
  2. Austin Hill Country: BCS beat them by 20 points earlier this year. Don’t understand this snafu, except a computer does the rankings. Maybe the Computer is mad because it is not a Mac…Advantage BCS.
  3. Kerrville OLH: Of the four teams, the only one ranked below BCS. OLH would of played BCS for the Championship last year if they would of been in the other bracket. By far the toughest team the Warriors played last season. Advantage BCS.
  4. Abilene Christian: This team was beaten by Dallas Covenant in the Semi round. Do we need to remind you who beat Covenant last year? Advantage BCS.


Lot of reading for the final thought on what we know about the banter back and forth about the Playoffs for this season.

The BCS is better than the Playoffs!!

Now the NCAA can use this for their argument next time the people wanting a playoff come calling.