Coaches Corner, Football | October 19, 2011

Coaches Corner: Canyon Lake’s Matt Monzingo

Canyon Lake is coming off their first loss of the year and Head Coach Matt

Head Coach Matt Monzingo

Head Coach Matt Monzingo

Monzingo took some time to answer some questions about Wimberley and the upcoming Boerne game.

ReSporter: How are you helping the players deal with their first loss of the year?

Coach Monzingo: “They’ve got to get over it…there is not one thing they can do about it and they have got to get back into the zone before this week’s game.”

ReSporter: With the loss the Hawks find themselves tied with three other teams…can you explain the tie-breaker rules for the fans?

Coach Monzingo: “In case we have a three way tie the system would be based on points…we beat Navarro by 15 points, so we have that many points. You can’t get negative points only positive points….If there is just two teams then it goes head to head.”

Coach Monzingo continued, “We control our own destiny…I told the players that we just lost one game and this time last year we were 2-5 (record)…this team has not accomplished anything yet, all we have is nice 6-1 record and now we have a T-Shirt game.”

ReSporter: Coach Monzingo was talking about the past two seasons the team has worked toward getting the T-Shirt with their name on it, because they made the playoffs.

ReSporter: Boerne game will be the first game that you have faced a pass first type of team, how are the practices and team preparing for this Friday’s game?

Coach Monzingo: “We are going to have to be sharp…they are a very well coached team and their passing game keeps them in the games.”

ReSporter: Boerne’s quarterback Wil Amick is a do everything player, he presently has over 700 yards rushing and has passed over 1200 yards and leads the league in completions with 108. How will you try to stop Amick?

Coach Monzingo: “Stopping him (Amick) is a lot easier said than done…their passing game is a lot like we are…their splits will really spread the defense out.”

Monzingo continued about the game, “We had a good practice yesterday (Tuesday), and played some 7 on 7 which gave our defensive backs a chance to practice against a team like Boerne…We are a whole lot better than we were at this time last year…we are still O.K….

ReSporter: Thanks Coach and good luck this Friday!!