Coaches Corner, Football | October 27, 2011

Coaches Corner: Hawk’s Matt Monzingo

“We stunk it up,” Head Coach Matt Monzingo ended and started this

Head Coach Matt Monzingo

Head Coach Matt Monzingo

week’s article the same way. “I’m disappointed we did not take care of business.”

Canyon Lake now is in the position of needing help from other teams in order to have a chance for the playoffs.

“I don’t like my destiny in someone’s hands,” Coach Monzingo said. “We were not focused…we had a team meeting on Monday, and the kids thought it was going to be easy.”

The turnover bug had been absent for the season and now has been a major contributor in the last two losses.

“The whole game we had a lot of mistakes,” Monzingo reiterated. “Mistakes after mistakes and this was a situation that they had not been in before during this season.”

The Hawks are still 6-2 and had visions of being the best team in the short history of the school.

“We had hoped this would be our best team,” Monzingo said. “Best teams don’t lose focus and they (Boerne) outplayed us everywhere.”

Mistakes were things that many fans can see, but there were also mistakes that happen during a game that are not seen by the eyes of fandom.

Hopefully you can see that the game had a team that thought they could win, but in the end it might be a team that learns a tough lesson in life.

Focus no matter the opponent and bring your best to the table everytime.

Hopefully the teams that need to help Canyon Lake can take their game to another level and catch their opponent for a win.

Hope is all we have……oh yeah….and win the next two games.

Good luck Hawks in accomplishing those goals.