Football, Pre/Game | October 4, 2011

Pre/Game: BCS

 SA Lutheran  vs. Bracken Christian
     Mustangs (3-2)    @     Warriors (5-0)   

 Game Time: 7:30 pm   Friday, October 7th

 History: The Warriors lead the series, 2-0
 ‘06 BCS 48  Mustangs    44
 ‘10 BCS 68  Mustangs    00

 This Year:
 SA Lutheran  00  Williamson County       45
 SA Lutheran  30  SA The Atonement        32
 SA Lutheran  42  SA Believers            25
 SA Lutheran  48  SA River City           00
 SA Lutheran  20  Killeen Memorial        18

 BCS Warriors 68  Austin Hill Country     48
 BCS Warriors 58  Hou. Emery-Weiner       08
 BCS Warriors 66  Tomball Rosehill        18
 BCS Warriors 62  Round Rock Christian    00
 BCS Warriors 55  NB Christian            00

SA Lutheran is on a three game winning streak, which is three more games than they have won in their last two seasons.

The Mustangs are more noted for their basketball team than football.

SA Lutheran also has a three game road winning streak. Actually, the Mustangs don’t have a home field, so all of the games are on the road.

Last season, Bracken Christian could of had a mercy game after the first quarter, the score was 46-0. The Warriors scored by interception return, fumble return, passing, running, bonus points, etc.

The offense had a total of 11 plays in the game.

The pre/game write up can only be based on BCS, since their is no information to be found about the Mustangs.

BCS finds themselves ranked ninth in the State for all six-man schools. (a total of 253 schools)

The Warriors are probably better than that ranking, simply because of the size of the state and no one being able to compare apples to apples.

That is why they have playoffs, so rankings don’t have to have so much weight.

Playoffs is how Bracken will come into this game. Coach Lloyd Fields said two weeks ago, that the Warriors can win, but it is looking good with your wins that count and how the team will build for the playoffs as the season heads into the last five games.

The State Champion Warriors are deeper than last year’s team and that in itself will be pivotal on how this team responds and takes care of business.

How the team responds during this time of year will show itself when the season is a do or die situation. Bracken faced that type of game against OLH in the semi’s and came through with flying colors.

What we do know? Warriors ride Mustangs and this game will be over by halftime.

Yes, the Mustangs are on a three game winning streak…but just how the streak died in the 70’s, this steak too will come to an end this Friday night.