Football, Pre/Game | October 24, 2011

Pre/Game: Bracken Christian @ Marble Falls Faith

           Warriors (8-0) Dist (3-0)   Flames (5-3) Dist (2-1)

           Game Time: 7:30 pm   Friday, October 28th
          History: The Warriors lead the series, 3-1
         ‘06 BCS 28  Flames    37
         ‘07 BCS 55  Flames    42
         ‘09 BCS 33  Flames    06
         ‘10 BCS 60  Flames    12

 This Year:
 MF Flames 46  Killeen Memorial          00
 MF Flames 56  Kingwood NE Christian     06
 MF Flames 18  Fredericksburg Heritage   64
 MF Flames 58  New Braunfels Christian   22
 MF Flames 34  Bryan Allen Academy       60
 MF Flames 46  Kerrville OLH             82
 MF Flames 57  SA Lutheran               12
 MF Flames 48  CASA                      00 

 Warriors  68  Austin Hill Country       48
 Warriors  58  Houston Emery-Weiner      08
 Warriors  66  Tomball Rosehill          18
 Warriors  62  Round Rock Christian      00
 Warriors  55  New Braunfels Christian   00
 Warriors  68  San Antonio Lutheran      06
 Warriors  74  CASA                      06
 Warriors  54  SA The Winston            00  

Marble Falls Faith have won two District games in a row as they try to achieve the playoffs.

This same team last year was coming into this game undefeated against the Warriors, but this season the Flames have burned out in some games that might give us an idea of what this team might be able to do this week.

Jason Byrd will be the go to player for Marble Falls Faith and their team will rise or fall based on how effective he plays.

The Flames also have Jake Diamond who plays quarterback. Diamond missed much of the first part of the season due to an ankle injury, so his return the last couple of weeks has helped Marble Falls Faith right the ship.

Bryan Freeman and Seth McAnally will also help on the offensive side of the ball.

The problem for the Flames might be their propensity to start slow.

In the New Braunfels Christian game the score was 16-0 at halftime. Final score was 58-22, but the slow start allowed New Braunfels to stay in the game.

Bracken’s game against the same team was not as pretty. The Warriors beat New Braunfels 55-0 in the first half and the game could of been much worse.

Marble Falls has not played a team with a defense like BCS and the result could be another Mercy game by halftime. Good news would be giving the fans that make the trip time to eat at Blue Bonnet Café.

The Flames had another slow start in the CASA game and the speed of Bracken will allow the flames to blow out as the game progresses to halftime.

BCS has a chip on their shoulder ever since the rankings came out two weeks ago that had the Warriors in fourth place for State. This week rankings moved Bracken to second place, however the team is trailing Austin Hill Country.

First game of the season would indicate the 20 point victory was not enough to impress the computer.

Marble Fall’s loss to Bryan Allen is not a good resume starter for a team that wants to challenge Bracken.

The loss of Arnold Adame will have the coaches experimenting with a replacement for the do everything receiver.

The star power of Bracken will have the Flames seeing stars in this game as OLH game looms in one more week.

OLH averaged a little over 15 yards per play in their game against Marble Falls. The difference is Bracken’s defense will allow the same type of offense for the Warriors while the defense allows the game to be over quickly.

The ReSporter recommends the Chicken Fried Steak at the Blue Bonnet. Enjoy!!!!!