Football, Pre/Game | October 25, 2011

Pre/Game: Fredericksburg @ Canyon Lake

               Hawks (6-2) (1-2)    Billies  (2-6) (1-2)         

            Game Time: 7:30 pm   October 28th

           History: Canyon Lake leads the series 2-1
          ‘08 Canyon Lake 14  Billies 65
          ‘09 Canyon Lake 14  Billies  7
          ‘10 Canyon Lake 35  Billies 20

          This Year:
          Billies     00  Kerrville Tivy   46
          Billies     19  Burnet           24
          Billies     50  Brady            66
          Billies     24  Comfort          31
          Billies     47  Llano            23
          Billies     14  Boerne           42
          Billies     35  Bandera          20
          Billies     14  Wimberley        35

          CLHS Hawks  14  Blanco           07
          CLHS Hawks  34  La Vernia        23
          CLHS Hawks  38  Sealy            34
          CLHS Hawks  52  Austin-Travis    21
          CLHS Hawks  56  Luling           28
          CLHS Hawks  41  Navarro          26
          CLHS Hawks  14  Wimberley        50
          CLHS Hawks  14  Boerne           35

Canyon Lake have their proverbial backs to the wall after the loss to Boerne Greyhounds last Friday night.

The Hawks will need help in getting to the playoffs this year, with two wins to end the season will give Canyon Lake a good record but no dance card for the playoffs.

If Wimberley runs the table then three teams could share the second place spot, but there is only room for two more participants for the playoffs.

The first tie breaker rule is point differential between the three teams:
CLHS beat Navarro by 15 points…
Navarro beat Boerne by 17* points…
Boerne beat CLHS by 17* points…

*The tie breaker rule will not let a team garner more than 17 points in a win and also will not subtract points in a loss. Since Boerne beat CL by 21 points, then the most they can acquire is 17 points for that game.

What the Hawks need in order to have a chance for the dance this year is a few possibilities.

Number one, they must win their last two games. A loss makes everything else mute.

With that being said, let’s look at the game this Friday and then we can discuss the rest of the options…but first things first.

Don’t let Fredericksburg record fool you. This team was not beat as bad as the Hawks and the Wimberley game was a road game for the Billies.

Fredericksburg is still running the ball much more than they pass.

Dillon Reeh will remind Hawk fans of Wil Amick for Boerne in that he is their leading rusher as well as the one who throws the rock.

Reeh has run for 669 yards for a respectable 4 1/2 yards per carry. That number would be much better based on the negative yardage the quarterback can have with a sack.

Paco Martinez has rushed for 545 yards for a much better average of almost seven yards per carry.

The Billies have two other backs with over 100 yards, Joaquin Rivera with 206 and Seth Studebaker with 135 yards on the ground.

The Billies are not bonifide passing team like Boerne the team that gave the Hawks headaches last week.

Fredericksburg does have four players with over 100 yards receiving, so Reeh will spread it around with Brandon Castaneda leading the foursome with 158 yards via the pass.

Canyon Lake has had turnover issues the last two weeks which has put them in a position that presently have them looking into the play yard, instead of playing in it.

The turnovers last week resulted in four touchdowns and a mountain too steep to climb for the prize.

For the mojo to be recaptured the Hawks will need to dig deep and see what they can do about the Billies and put them back in their shack.

Now for the other events that would need to happen for Canyon Lake to realize another playoff run.

Boerne beating Wimberley would allow the Greyhounds to win the District with Wimberley coming in second based on the head to head tie breaker.

That would also result in a tie for third place with Navarro and Canyon Lake. The Hawks would win that tie breaker based on their earlier win this year against the Panthers.

Navarro would need to be beat by Wimberley and Fredericksburg for the Canyon Lake to sneak in as the third place team.

If Boerne was beaten by Bandera this week and Wimberley then Canyon Lake would make the dance.

All the possibilities are there for the taking. As you can see the Hawks need help from several teams for the dominoes to fall in order.

A promising season for a possible 8-2 team without a dance partner is not any way to go to a dance.

Canyon Lake needs to win and see what happens and that is the main point.

Just Win!! The ReSporter will go get the DJ.