Football, Pre/Game, Sport News | October 10, 2011

Pre/Game: Wimberley @ Canyon Lake

          Texans   (5-0)     @     Hawks (6-0)           

          Game Time: 7:30 pm   October 14th

          History: Wimberley leads the series 3-0
         ‘08 Canyon Lake 07  Texans  41
         ‘09 Canyon Lake 15  Texans  38
         ‘10 Canyon Lake 18  Texans  38

 This Year:
          Wimberley   32  Cuero               06
          Wimberley   47  Dripping Springs    26
          Wimberley   49  La Vernia           06
          Wimberley   28  Sealy               27
          Wimberley   42  Bandera             06

          CLHS Hawks  14  Blanco              07
          CLHS Hawks  34  La Vernia           23
          CLHS Hawks  38  Sealy               34
          CLHS Hawks  52  Austin-Travis       21
          CLHS Hawks  56  Luling              28
          CLHS Hawks  41  Navarro             26

Wimberley Texans are good!!

Finding items to improve on has to be the toughest part of the Coaches job each week.

Quarterback Brady Lambert has thrown 17 touchdowns and two interceptions.

That would equate to one interception per 53 passing plays.

Sit down for there are more numbers to digest.

Of the 17 touchdown passes for Lambert, they have covered 630 yards or 37 yards per touchdown catch.

Lambert’s total passing yardage is 1165 yards, so over half of his yards were on finding a receiver that was taking the pass to the house.

The closest game for Wimberley was Sealy and in that game Lambert only had one touchdown passing. It did cover 39 yards, which is two yards better than his average per touchdown pass.

The receiver that has most of these catches? Brennen Blakemore has caught six passes for 47 yards per touchdown catch.

Make sure you are sitting down: Touchdowns by Blakemore
65 yard reception: Bandera
90 yard punt ret.:  Bandera
28 yard reception: Bandera
29 yard reception: La Vernia
80 yard reception: La Vernia
73 yard reception: Dripping Springs
99 yard kickoff ret: Dripping Springs
8 yard reception: Cuero

Wimberley has been in the lead going into intermission in each contest this year.

The closest opponent? Bandera last week 14-6.

The Texans have been to the circus and have a great balancing act.

Game        Rushing     Passing
Cuero       221         261
Dripping    112         268
La Vernia   239         247
Sealy       150         157
Bandera     267         248 

Seems to be only one game the Texans might have fallen off the tight rope, but the net was pretty large based on the Dripping Springs final score, 47-26.

Common opponents for the two undefeated teams were La Vernia and Sealy.

Offensive Numbers for Sealy
Game Stats       Texans      Hawks
Total Yards        307           405
First Downs       14             23
Rushes/Yards   30/150      55/370
Comp/Att/Int   10/19/0     4/9/0
Passing Yds       157           35
Punts/Ave         5/29.8       3/30.8
Fumbles/Lost    0/0            0/0
Penalties-Yds    7-58          4-30

Offensive Numbers for La Vernia
                          Texans     Hawks
Total Yards        482           441
First Downs       23             19
Rushes/Yards   31/221      38/235
Comp/Att/Int   15/23/1     10/14/0
Passing Yds       261           206
Punts/Ave         1/16.0       1/36.0
Fumbles/Lost    1/1            0/0
Penalties-Yds    11-80        6-45

Canyon Lake is playing in one of the biggest games in the short history of the program.

Yes, Sealy was a big game…that game was the catapult that got the Hawks over the wall and into position for this weekend.

In contrast, Wimberley has been in so many big games they would have to get out their abacus to find out what number this game might be for them.

Simplicity for Canyon Lake will be the key for this game.

With all the numbers we spouted out for Wimberley so far the biggest number has been in the turnover part of the game the last two seasons.

Canyon Lake has entered each game the past two years with 11 turnovers in 2009 and 12 in 2010.

This year they enter the pivotal game with six turnovers, a reduction from both previous years.

Turnovers in the last two games against the Texans have not been in Canyon Lake’s favor.

The Hawks have had 10 turnovers the past two games with Wimberley. The Texans did not need the extra help in beating Canyon Lake those two years.

CLHS won the yardage battle both times, but a main stat being the scoreboard has not been pretty for the Hawks.

Total Yardage   WHS     CLHS       
2009            219     345
2010            364     419 
Total           583     764       

Turnovers       WHS     CLHS
2009            2        7
2010            0        3 
Total           2       10

Canyon Lake has been on a roll the past few weeks as the running game has been performing at record levels.

Running Back Zach Henshaw will give the credit to the Offensive Line and the Offensive Line will give the credit to Zach Henshaw.

The one game Henshaw was bottled up? Branson Belcher passed for 323 yards.

There are so many records the Hawks have achieved this season, that listing them would give the typist finger cramps.

Suffice to say…Wimberley is good.

Canyon Lake will need their ‘A’ game and keeping the turnovers at a minimum.

Pretty simple when you think about it.