Football, Game Article, News | November 5, 2011

Bracken Earns Respect, Pummel OLH, 79-34

Bracken Christian Warriors have finished their regular season undefeated for two years in a row, as Bracken ran all over Kerrville OLH Hawks, 79-34 at Warrior stadium last Friday night.

The 79 points was impressive, but a little known fact about Bracken is how dominating the defense can be. If you don’t believe that is true, then go ask a sore Hawk in Kerrville what they think.

OLH Hawks came into the game scoring over 67 points per contest while the Warriors held Kerrville to half that average in this game for the District title.

Senior Grady Achilles rushed for 335 yards while carrying the rock 15 times. Adding up the last four games before this finale had Achilles with 17 rushes total.

In fact, the last seven games Grady Achilles has amassed 31 carries helping Bracken cake walk through the middle part of the season.

“They (OLH) were hesitating so I kept seeing creases in the middle of the field,” the gazelle Grady Achilles interjected. “We earned some respect after this game…this was a big time momentum game going into the playoffs.”

Last year in the Semi Final game in Comfort, OLH fumbled on their last carry of the game giving Bracken a date in the Championship game.

Kerrville fumbled on their third play this year allowing Bracken to set up shop on their own 20 yard line.

Grady Achilles then took his first carry to the house for 60 yards and a lead that would not be threatened for the remainder of the game.

The bonus kick also proved to be a hurdle too high for the Hawks as Senior Kevin Knapick was perfect for the night on all nine tries.

“I just wanted to get the 45 points and go home,” Kicker Knapick said when responding to the team running the extra point instead of kicking it. “We will have some hard teams coming up and I’m glad we finally got someone (OLH) to give us a taste of what will be coming.”

Sam Hilgendorf took one for the team while holding the snap for the bonus kick, but every kick was automatic from the center, holder, and kicker.

“It (being the holder on extra points) is really a hard job,” Sophomore Hilgendorf surmised. “I just try to treat it like I’m at another day of practice.”

Hilgendorf also was pegged by a Kerrville player drawing a 15 yard roughing penalty for the ensuing kick-off.

“Because of the hits that Eli (Achilles) gives me, I thought it was just a love tap,” Hilgendorf said with resolve.

OLH did score on their next possession, but their kick did not give them a bonus. The Warriors led 8-6.

Bracken scored next with the drive taking two plays. Grady Achilles with a 21 yard run…and then Senior Austin Wilkinson on the receiving end for a 25 yard pass play from Eli Achilles, making the score 16-6 Bracken.

The next two drives for both teams resulted in no points. Bracken’s drive was one of the longest for the season. The Warriors drove 72 yards on nine plays, but could not find the endzone.

The drive was the last time Bracken would not score on a drive. Eight drives and eight scores not allowing the visitors to ever stage a rally and cut into the lead.

Wilkinson had a very inspiring game keeping Kerrville’s Marshall Walker with very little rushing success for the game as Walker finished with 132 yards.

“This was the most funnest game I have ever played,” the jubilant Wilkinson said. “(Walker) The best player we have come against, both of us got tired and then I finally figured out what he would be doing.”

Wilkinson was not just turning in defensive gems, but also finishing off the Hawks with a 51 yard run with a burst of speed in the fourth quarter.

“I had the biggest smile on the last run,” Wilkinson finished.

OLH scored on just five of 12 drives…and the hole got even deeper with two fumbles that the good guys (BCS) were able to recover.

Both turnovers resulted in touchdowns for Bracken.

Senior Ehren Jacobson had the shortest distance for a score, rumbling five yards upping the game to 72-34, Bracken.

“There are more teams to come,” Bulldozer Jacobson said eloquently. “We must be on our ‘A’ game from here on out.”

Other distances the Warriors traveled while scoring the most points in the history of Bracken football. The 79 points beat the 76 points scored last season against this same team in overtime.

66 yards…Courtesy Grady Achilles
60 yards…Courtesy Grady Achilles
51 yards…Courtesy Austin Wilkinson
43 yards…Courtesy Grady Achilles
33 yards…Courtesy Grady Achilles
32 yards…Courtesy Jord0n McDaniel
29 yards…Courtesy Grady Achilles
25 yards…Courtesy Austin Wilkinson
19 yards…Courtesy Grady Achilles

The quick striking Warriors have been relentless in their scoring and are not bashful while giving the ball to a ref while acting like they have been there before.

The 48th point in the game was Quarterback Eli Achilles heaving a ball to the end zone and the waiting hands of Senior Jordon McDaniel for a 32 yard strike.

“I thought it (the ball) was going to go further and it just dropped,” the tired split end McDaniel recalled. “I was straddling the goal line and I had to do a little dance to get in.”

While all this scoring was going on, the defense looked like bees at a honey convention and their sting was lethal.

The hits were all over the field, while Kerrville OLH tried to break the dike and stage a rally. Kerrville scored on one of their last four drives.

“The hits was my favorite part of the game,” the hitman Eli Achilles said. “We know we can do it and we are wanting to kick some butt.”

Doing the math, with BCS scoring every time with the ball and an added bonus kick, the Warriors would see their lead balloon another 24 points as they staked a claim of being the best team in the State.

Bracken has now mercy ruled nine teams in a row and will rest this coming week as the Houston District’s fourth place team has decided to save gas money and not make the trip to the Hill Country.

There is a chance Bracken’s next three games (if they win), would put them against the best in the State.

“I love going through the tough teams to state,” spokesman Grady Achilles closed.

Bracken Numbers: 0 The number of points BCS has given up in the fourth quarter this year. 1 Number of times Grady Achilles has caught a pass & not scored he has 9 catches. 5 Games in a row BCS has increased there points scored against OLH. 40-48-71-76-79 :09 Seconds it took BCS to score after an OLH touchdown, Friday night. 10 Game District winning streak. 11 Game streak of keeping opponents under 50 points 12 Game streak of scoring over 50 points. 13 Game home winning streak. 14 The number of Bonus Kicks Kevin Knapick has kicked in a row. 442 Rushing yards gained in win over OLH last Friday.  1   2   3   4   Final Kerrville OLH   6  12  16   0   34  BCS Warriors   16  16  32  15   79 Scoring Summary: BCS-Grady Achilles 60 yard run (Kevin Knapick kick), 8:08, 1st OLH-Gregory 4 yard pass from Walker (kick failed), 5:40, 1st BCS-Austin Wilkinson 25yd pass from Eli Achilles (Knapick kick), 5:13, 1st OLH-Salinas 16yd pass from Walker (kick failed), 4:11, 2nd BCS-Grady Achilles 29 yard run (Knapick kick), 3:55, 2nd BCS-Grady Achilles 33 yard run (Knapick kick), 1:35, 2nd OLH-Walker 3 yard run (kick failed), 0:00, 2nd BCS-Grady Achilles 19 yard run (Knapick kick), 8:03, 3rd OLH-Gregory 60 yard pass from Walker (Mosser kick), 7:50, 3rd BCS-Jordon McDaniel 32 yard pass from Eli Achilles (Knapick kick), 7:30, 3rd  BCS-Grady Achilles 66 yard run (Knapick kick), 4:01, 3rd OLH-Gregory 2 yard pass from Walker (Mosser kick), 0:09, 3rd BCS-Grady Achilles 43 yard run (Knapick kick), 0:00, 3rd BCS-Ehren Jacobson 5 yard run (Knapick kick), 8:03, 4th BCS-Austin Wilkinson 51 yard run (Grady run), 6:29, 4th  Stats               Hawks       Warriors Total Yards         427         526 First Downs         16          11 Rushes/Yards        26/167      24/442 Comp/Att/Int        23/39/0     3/4/0 Passing Yards       260         84  Punts/Ave           1/44.0      0/0 Fumbles/Lost        2/2         0/0  Penalties-Yards     4-30        1-5 Passing             Comp    Att    Pct   Yds   TD  Int Eli Achilles        3       4     .750   84    2   0 Rushing             Att     Yds    Ave   Lg    TD Grady Achilles      15      335   22.3   66    6 Austin Wilkinson     3       73   24.3   51    1 Ehren Jacobson       4       20    5.0   10    1 Davis Scott          2       14    7.0    8    0 Receiving           No      Yds    Ave   Lg    TD Jordon McDaniel     1       32    32.0   32    1 Grady Achilles      1       27    27.0   27    0 Austin Wilkinson    1       25    25.0   25    1