Football, Sport News | November 17, 2011

Canyon Lake by the Numbers and Tidbits

Canyon Lake Hawks season has ended and the ReSporter would like you to see

Jeremy Best gets one of 140 tackles with help from Doug Hubnik

Jeremy Best gets one of 140 tackles with help from Doug Hubnik

some Records that were recorded by this year’s team.

You will see how special the season was by perusing through the information and patting some Hawks on the back for the great season they were able to showcase for the community.

The ReSporter will have one final Coaches Corner with Matt Monzingo next week as we delve into the future of the program and look forward to next year.

Thanks for following the Hawks via the ReSporter and keep close by as Basketball Season is starting up as well as other sports this Fall and Winter.

   Canyon Lake by the Numbers:
    4 Players finished with over 100 yards receiving
    5 Number of passes broken up by defensive back Brandon Berger
    8 Wins, the most in programs History
    9 Number of times Zach Henshaw ran over 200 yards in career
   11 Sacks Alex Kemp totaled this year
   17 Tackles for loss by Taylor Hocutt
   90 Yards Branson Belcher had rushing
  100 Number of points Matt Magness scored for Canyon Lake in career
  130 Yards Casey Coffee had rushing
  140 Tackles Jeremy Best had this season
  158 Yards Eduardo Covarrubias had rushing
  167 Yards Jeremy Fulton had receiving
  193 First Downs Canyon Lake had this season
  275 Yards Zach Henshaw had receiving
  306 Number of points Zach Henshaw scored for Canyon Lake in Career
  353 Points scored by Canyon Lake this year
  384 Yards Quinn Pike had receiving
  481 Yards Matt Magness had receiving
 2070 Yards the Offensive Line blocked for Henshaw’s rushing this season
 4060 Total number of offensive yards during the season

      2011 Season                            Previous Record & When

  1. Eight Wins                             Six Wins 2009 and 2010
  2. 56 points scored Luling game           48 points Llano 2009
  3. 353 points scored season               281 points 2010
  4. Six Game Winning Sreak                 Four Game streak 2010
  5. Four Wins for Road Games               One Game, 2008, 2009, 2010
  6. Three Game Win Streak over Billies   Two games Billies 2010 and Ingram 2009
  7. 370 yards rushing Sealy                293 Burnet 2010
  8. 173 yards given up Fredericksburg      215 yards Billies 2009
  9. 2070 yds rushing Henshaw               1161 yards rushing Henshaw 2010
  10. 25 TD’s rushing Henshaw                11 TD rushing Henshaw 2009 and 2010
  11. 300 Yds rushing game Henshaw Billies   266 Yds rushing Game Somerset, 2010
  12. 38 Carries Game Sealy Henshaw          33 Somerset, 2010
  13. 27 Total TD’s Henshaw by Rush/Rec      12 Total TD’s, Henshaw 2010
  14. Three TD’s Receiving Bandera, Magness  Two Eric Nelson Llano, 2009
  15. Five TD’s Rushing Navarro, Henshaw     Four Henshaw, Burnet 2010
  16. First Kick-Off TD Luling, Hubnik       Never Before
  17. First Int. Ret TD, Luling, Hubnik      Never Before
  18. 34 points given up in Win Sealy        27 points in Llano game 2009
  19. 88 points aggregate in win Bandera     79 points against Billies 2008
  20. 422 yds by two Henshaw/Magness Bandera 279 Magness/Henshaw, Luling, 2010
  21. 11 Sacks for Alex Kemp                 Nine sacks Kemp 2010
  22. 18 Tackles for loss Alex Kemp          15 tackles for loss Kemp 2010
  23. 29 Game Tackles Jeremy Best Navarro 28 Game Tackles Bobby Flint 2010 Navarro