Coaches Corner, Volleyball | November 3, 2011

Coaches Corner: Bracken Volleyball’s Shaunna Teuton

Bracken Christian will be heading to San Antonio this Friday for a game in the Semi-Finals against Huntsville Alpha Omega.

The Warriors are going in with a 12 game winning streak and seem to be playing at a high level for the Final Four match-ups.

ReSporter: How would you evaluate where the team is going into this weekend?

Teuton: “I thought this is where we could be when we started this season…the players have played to their potential…it talks about how far we have come and how hard we have worked, but we know we need to fight go get the Championship.”

ReSporter: Talking about Becky Korkosz and Briana Martinez and how important their serves have been to set the tone for the games.

Teuton: “They have a tough serve to hit because it is, flat, deep, and fast…the more they can continue their serving, we will be a successful team.”

ReSporter: Have you had the Korkosz and Martinez serving right after the other throughout this season?

Teuton: “Yes, they have been in this order for most of the season, but I will rotate them based on the team we are playing.”

ReSporter: What makes their serves so hard to hit?

Teuton: “The girls hit the serve based on the area I want it hit…I call everyone of our serves on the team…consistency is all around the team and the flat serves come across the net so hard and close to the net and makes it tough to get it back, especially when we can get it deeper on the court.”

ReSporter: Huntsville team is similar to BCS in that they also have many players that are Sophomores just like Bracken…Alpha Omega have one senior, yet Bracken has more…how do you feel this will help?

Teuton: “Our Seniors were here two years ago and so that will help along with our history…Huntsville has never been to State Semifinals and that could play to our advantage.”

ReSporter: What gives this team a chance to make this Season special?

Teuton: “Defense, ball control, and serving will help and no one expects us to make it this far…the Denton Calvary and DeSoto Canterbury Semi game is thought by most people to be the Championship game…however we are the underdog and we are not a huge team and that is not necessarily bad… If we play good defense and our serves can be a equalizer.”

ReSporter: Last week, SA Lutheran was trying to ice your servers with time outs, what are situations you see that would cause for you calling a time out during a match?

Teuton: “I will call a timeout if I see something that might help us exploit the team were playing…If they are making a run and that will also result in maybe icing the server.”

ReSporter: Key to the games this week?

Teuton: “Forget about the nerves and go in trusting your teammates and Coach…Trust will translate into team confidence.”

ReSporter: Thanks Coach Teuton and the ReSporter will finish that last thought… “and that confidence will translate into Victories!!!”