Coaches Corner, Football | November 22, 2011

Coaches Corner: Lloyd Fields talks Abilene Christian

Bracken Christian will have a higher step on the stairs this week as they

Head Coach Lloyd Fields

Head Coach Lloyd Fields

ascend to the pinnacle for another State Championship.

You know what happens as you walk stairs and don’t pay attention and all of a sudden the next step is higher than the other 25 steps you have taken before.

“Abilene Christian is the best passing team I have ever seen in six-man football,” Head Coach Lloyd Fields said. “These are some big, bad, boy’s from Abilene.”

Now, you can understand what is in store for the Warriors this coming Saturday in Moody, Texas.

“This is the best team we have faced since Greenville Christian,” Coach Fields said with resolve.

The ReSporter does not have to tell the older followers of Bracken what that statement entails.

Greenville Christian was the last team to beat Bracken in a State Semi Final game in Waco two years ago.

Greenville won 52-24 and went on to win State the next week against Dallas Covenant.

The next question posed dealt with what part of Abilene’s team most resembles that Greenville team.

“Both sides of the ball, both defensively and offensively,” Fields said without hesitation. “Number 22 is very physical and plays defense for Abilene…they remind me of John Madden’s Oakland Raiders.”

Austin Hill Country certainly had a team that could stretch the Warriors to four quarters, in fact, Hill Country is the only team to do so….the depth for Austin was waning near the end of last week’s game while Bracken got separation.

What type of depth does this Panthers team possess?

“They are not real deep,” Coach Fields countered. “They will play eight players.”

That will help BCS as the game matures into the third and fourth quarter.

The Panthers have beaten ten of their 12 opponents more than 45 points and so they might also feel tired as the game goes through the ladder stages.

“They onside kick better than OLH,” Coach Fields said solemnly. “We (Bracken) will not dwell on it, but work on it this week.”

Onside kicks is a main bugaboo for the Warriors, so how this part of the game goes will go far in an outcome benefiting the good guys.

The quarterback is number 10, notice how coaches always talk with numbers and not names. The offense for Abilene is all centered on the QB.

“He is a southpaw,” Fields quipped. “He can throw a ball through a car wash and it wouldn’t get wet.”

“They (ACS) have four good receivers and they run a spread offense throughout with two halfbacks.”

So to recap, this is a team that might be void of any weaknesses…Bracken’s win streak was nice and the parents and fans had a good run…

Not so fast…Bracken has athletes that can bring it also. Eli Achilles comes to mind as well as one of the fastest teams in TAPPS six man.

“We will go spread and try to find some creases,” Field General Fields said. “On defense, the defensive ends are going to peel their ears back and go all the way.”

The Greenville game was lost because Bracken met a team that was better on that day.
It has been two years since that game and there are a lot of players that are two years more experienced.

This team would beat the Greenville team Bracken played two years ago. So is Abilene better than that Greenville team?

Coach Fields did not have to answer that question since, The ReSporter just thought of it, but that is why you play the game.

The Warriors need to concentrate on those steps so they don’t stumble on their way to the podium.

Thanks Coach, should be a good one….Good Luck—Warriors!!!