Coaches Corner, Football | November 2, 2011

Coaches Corner: With Bracken’s Lloyd Fields

Bracken Christian will have a statement game this week against

Head Coach Lloyd Fields

Head Coach Lloyd Fields

Kerrville OLH and the ReSporter had some time to talk to Head Coach Lloyd Fields.

Coach Fields was relatively in a good mood for the interview as the ReSporter found that Coach Fields has a second job as a Movie Critic.

When Coach got Coachy he came up with some decent strategy for BCS fans out there.

“We have three keys for the victory,” Coach Fields said. “Slow down (Marshall) Walker, field the onside kick, and don’t call Coach Thornton, Jeremy.”

Interviewing a sage like Coach Fields will make your hair turn grey or lose it all together.

The ReSporter wanted to know if BCS had been flat in any of their games this season.

“Round Rock Christian was a game we did not start as well as I thought we should of,” Coach Fields said. “We had to ramp it up to get our 100% effort in that game.”

When asked about the rotation of players for games on Friday and on through the season, Coach Fields stated, “You have to earn your right to get on the football field and get playing time.”

“Our backups this year have played more than any team in my forty years of coaching,” Fields interjected.

The schedule has turned into a marsh mellow for Bracken, as teams thought to be tougher this season have turned out to be smores at a camp fire.

This schedule might have given the Warriors a chance to game plan against OLH.

“The onside kick will be ok,” Coach Fields fielded. “The team will be warmed up by Friday.”

“This is not a do or die ball game,” Fields finished.

This reference is saying both teams have qualified for the playoffs and losing should not damage the goods.

The way the brackets have given some North flavoring has the losing team with a great chance of making it to the Final Four if not the Championship game.

The winner on Friday will have a much tougher road to maneuver. Playing two of the best teams in Texas.

“We’re going to win the game,” Coach Fields said confidently.

Coach wanted the fans to know that OLH has not lost a game at Warrior Stadium…this team beat Warriors two years ago on this field and the Hawks have won two playoff games on this same grass.

Which gets us back to the movie critic…The Longest Yard comes to mind…if you have time ask Coach Fields what he thought of the movie.