Football, Pre/Game, Sport News | November 21, 2011

Pre/Game: Bracken Christian vs Abilene Christian

                        Warriors (11-0)        Panthers (11-1) 

                Game Time: 2:00 pm   Saturday, November 26th
                Where: Moody, Texas
                History: First Game between these two schools.
 This Year:
 ACS  68  Saint Jo             00    BCS 68  Austin Hill Country 48 
 ACS  80  Newcastle            44    BCS 58  Hou Emery-Weiner    08
 ACS  54  Rockwall Heritage    06    BCS 66  Tomball Rosehill    18
 ACS  62  Willow Park Trinity  06    BCS 62  Round Rock Christ   00
 ACS  64  Woodson              00    BCS 55  NB Christian        00
 ACS  62  Watauga Harvest      06    BCS 68  SA Lutheran         06
 ACS  45  Morgan               00    BCS 74  CASA                06
 ACS  46  Ira                  54    BCS 54  SA The Winston      00
 ACS 106  El Paso Jesus Chapel 25    BCS 64  Marble Falls Faith  08
 ACS  56  Amarillo Holy Cross  08    BCS 79  Kerrville OLH       34
 ACS  62  CASA                 00    BCS 60  Austin Hill Country 42 
 ACS  53  Watauga Harvest      08             

The ReSporter always looks at common opponents first when preparing a Pre/Game article. Since Texas is such a big state, knowing about a team in the Abilene area poses a problem in finding info to share and help in reaching for ideas about a team.

This is one of those weeks where this Abilene club does not share info on several of the sites to find out anything to base a plus or minus in comparing to Bracken Christian.

CASA would be the only common team between these two Semi-Final opponents.

That in itself does not help, since CASA does not have a team that can change the team they are playing into any tendencies.

The combined score for BCS and Abilene and CASA is simple: 136-08 score. Based on this insufficient data this would be an incomplete on which team had the advantage.

Next, The ReSporter will look at teams played to get an idea of strength.

Abilene Christian Panthers played Ira, arguably the number one team in six-man this season.

Ira sports a 12-0 record in Division 1 UIL and by looking at the score, you can tell this team can easily navigate in TAPPS competition. Ira won, 54-46 on the eighth game of the season.

The time of year the game was played can do away with, ‘my team wasn’t ready’, an excuse teams use if the game was first or second game.

Abilene Christian played five teams from the UIL classification and the overall record for all the teams played was 65-64. Once again, the Ira game being the highlight for the season even in a loss.

BCS did not play any UIL schools which makes Austin Hill Country the highlight school played. Kerrville OLH can also be used for putting an extra notch on your belt.

The Warriors won both game against Hill Country as the Knights took BCS for four quarters. Something no one else had done during the season, Bracken has played schools with an overall 73-48 record.

OLH was impressive, especially since the Hawks have also advanced to the Semi game this week. The rest of TAPPS schools are a Grand Canyon away in competing from five TAPPS schools, which Kerrville is a member.

What we do know: The Panthers like to throw the ball and the do it well.

Abilene is a throw first offense and they have the athletes to bring a physical aspect to a game.

In their last playoff game, five of the seven touchdowns were through the air. Based on how far each touchdown covered the Panthers scored from the Red Zone, meaning a driving team and not a breakaway scoring.

In comparison, BCS’s last game only had one explosive play resulting in a touchdown. All this to say, we still don’t know enough to make a good prognostication.

Should be a barn burner as the Warriors prepare for their next step to State.

Stayed tuned all week as The ReSporter fills you in with information to make you the smartest fan on your row.