Football, Pre/Game, Sport News | November 1, 2011

Pre/Game: Kerrville OLH @ Bracken Christian Warriors

          Hawks (8-1) Dist (4-0)       Warriors (9-0) Dist (4-0)

          Game Time: 7:30 pm   Friday, November 4th

          History: The Warriors lead the series, 3-1
         ‘08 BCS 40  Hawks    14
         ‘09 BCS 48  Hawks    75
         ‘10 BCS 71  Hawks    62
         ‘10 BCS 76  Hawks    70 Playoff Overtime

         This Year:
         Hawks OLH 54  Boerne Geneva          50
         Hawks OLH 65  Sidney                 18
         Hawks OLH 65  Round Rock Christian   06
         Hawks OLH 66  Seguin Lifegate        45
         Hawks OLH 71  Austin Hill Country    90
         Hawks OLH 82  Marble Falls Faith     46
         Hawks OLH 88  SA The Winston         57
         Hawks OLH 58  SA Lutheran            00
         Hawks OLH 58  CASA                   12

         Warriors  68  Austin Hill Country    48
         Warriors  58  Houston Emery-Weiner   08
         Warriors  66  Tomball Rosehill       18
         Warriors  62  Round Rock Christian   00
         Warriors  55  NB Christian           00
         Warriors  68  San Antonio Lutheran   06
         Warriors  74  CASA                   06
         Warriors  54  SA The Winston         00
         Warriors  64  Marble Falls Faith     08

The season has been long and now the dress rehearsal is over and time to put the show on stage.

There should be a standing room only audience for the four act play.

Yes, this could be an actual four quarter game for Bracken. The team has not had that experience since the first game of the season.

Kerrville OLH Hawks are high in the rankings and have just one loss to Austin Hill Country which was the only team to take your Warriors to a four quarter game.

The Hawks can score points with their lowest output being 54 points, which happened on opening night, in a victory over Geneva.

Kerrville has one of the most balanced offenses in 6-man football. Offensively they averages 470 yards per game with a balanced run and passing game.

Rushing game produces 248 yards per game while the passing game comes in with 222 yards via the air ways.

Those two weapons will put a lot of pressure on defenses as opponents have to pick their poison.

Both of the poisons are lethal and can get you quickly if not treated.

The player applying this concoction for his opponents is Marshall Walker. Walker can run by you or if he gets in trouble will pass it over you.

There has been eight teams that could not make it back to the hospital in time for a remedy to the lethal dose of poison.

The completion rate comes in at 74 percent and one third of the completions have resulted in a touchdown.

The completion has also produced 21 yards per catch.

So, if you decide to play the passing lanes, then get ready for another poison apple in the form of 14 yards per carry and 42 touchdowns.

Poison can come in many forms, so the Warriors will have to stay away from the fumble on the kick-off.

Kerrville OLH has perfected the on-side kick and in doing so has caused much angst among other Warrior teams in the past.

The Hawks might be successful several times during the course of a game or just once or twice…however the play can result in another chance to score quickly and put the opposition in a hole.

Yes, Kerrville OLH does have weaknesses.

The other main reason OLH will on-side kick will rest on their defense. The Hawk defense is not very good and OLH will relegate a successful on-kick as a defensive stop.

The OLH defense has one shut out to SA Lutheran and has given up 90 points to Austin Hill Country.

OLH’s defense will not be able to stop Bracken’s offense, so the way to success will be that nasty on-side kick for a stop or trying to force turnovers.

Another weakness for OLH would be in the bonus kick. The Hawks are only successful 35% of the time.

And on forcing turnovers? How about six interceptions and seven fumbles that have been recovered.

BCS has committed just four turnovers for the year with two interceptions and two lost fumbles. In fact, the Warriors have only fumbled three times for the year.

With as many points Kerrville OLH has scored, the team has forced only four mercy games this season.

The ReSporter does not want to give away the ending…but if Bracken can control the poisoned on-side kick, then the curtain could fall before the end of the game.

BCS will score the most points in their history and will bring down the curtain.

 How the ReSporter sees this Play:
                 OLH       Warriors
 Offense         √√√√      √√√√
 Defense         √         √√√√
 Special Teams   √√        √√√√
 Coaching        √√√√      √√√√
 Bench/Depth     √√√       √√√

 √√√√  Drama is Oscar worthy
 √√√   You have a part but not a lead
 √√    Will be selling tickets.
 √     Broke your leg