Game Article, Volleyball | November 4, 2011

Semi Final Loss for BCS can’t Dampen Season

Bracken Christian (20-6) lost to Huntsville Alpha Omega, 14-25, 25-20, 20-25, and 19-25, Friday at Providence High School in downtown San Antonio in the Semi Final State Playoffs.

The first game was all Lions after jumping out to a lead Bracken could not match.

“Making errors that we don’t typically make,” Head Coach Shaunna Teuton said. “We could not do anything effectively.”

Alpha Omega had three rallies of five points as the Lions took advantage of the same offensive strategy that Bracken had been doing to their opponents during their 12 game winning streak.

The serve had been a catalyst for BCS, yet it was the Lions that were serving notice it might be a long game for the Warriors.

“We could not alter their serves,” Coach Teuton reiterated. “We did not have out serves and when we lose that, then it is hard to come back.”

In the second game Bracken settled down with some great digs keeping volleys going, enacting forced and unforced errors for the Lions.

The combination of two three point rallies from Becky Korkosz and Briana Martinez during the middle of the game gave Bracken the separation needed to tie the match at one.

In the third game, both teams were in a tug of war, going back and forth with great rallies.

Bracken was up 6-3 when the Lions had a two point serve.

BCS matched those points keeping the score on the Warriors side.

Lions then upped the ante with a three point rally, only to see BCS match those same three points.

Alpha Omega came back with another three point serve and Bracken matched that same intensity again.

The two teams did not leave anything on the bench, when Huntsville cleared the last hurdle with a four point serve giving them the separation Bracken could not match.

Service points in the fourth game was the downfall again for Bracken when the opposition had two five point rallies to put the final nail into the season for Bracken.

The team has come a long way in the last two years and fans can see BCS will be back to this bracket again soon.

Congratulations on a great year!!