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Thanksgiving Football Preparation as a Family

BCS is now into their third year of practicing during the

BCS Players take break from Thanksgiving Feast

BCS Players take break from Thanksgiving Feast

Thanksgiving holiday, but how are parent’s taking this ‘new’ holiday tradition?

“It’s worth it,” Scott Wilkinson, Austin Wilkinson’s Dad said. “If you are practicing then that means you are one game away playing for it all.”

Bracken Christian is preparing for a game of epic proportions this time around. The scuttlebutt going around internet sites is how both teams are bringing a lot of accolades to the gridiron for this Saturday’s clash.

So how did the Warriors practice go for this pre/Thanksgiving dinner?

“It was good,” Head Coach Lloyd Fields said. “We’re healthy and the kids know the challenge that faces them.”

Bracken Christian is on a 25 game winning streak, but this game is different than games played before.

There seems to be more resolve and players practicing with a different intensity.

“It has been real intense this week of practice,” Coach Fields said.

There were some some happenings from last weeks game that might have caused different results.

One was, Ty Zunker’s first interception that had his touchdown called back after an illegal block from Eli Achilles.

The ReSporter asked Coy Zunker, Ty’s brother about those events that transpired after that play.

**The ReSporter had to go through an interpreter in order to protect certain players, from one of the most intimidating players in 6-Man, Eli Achilles.**

“Ty was just shaking his head on the sidelines after the play,” Freshman Coy Zunker said in responding to what might be going through his older brothers mind.

“I did not want to say anything,” Little Brother said. “I wanted to hold back my anger about what that did to my brother.”

The interception stood on the play, but the touchdown on the return was called back. The interception and touchdown was a first for the Senior Cornerback.

Coy Zunker did have some confidence about how Bracken would play in the upcoming game, “We are going to go out there and do our job and play as hard as we can and leave it all on the field.”

Austin Wilkinson was for the most part missing in action for most of the game last week….why? “Austin had pancakes and peanut butter for breakfast,” Scott Wilkinson said. “He (Austin) was not feeling good during the game. Austin had beef tips and noodles for breakfast before the OLH game and so I think we might be going back to that for this week’s game.”

Bracken is reevaluating many things as the parent’s and players look on how they can make this week’s game an outcome that allows another week of practice.

When asked about the early Thanksgiving practice, Sophomore Preston Koch surmised, “It’s a good way to get the day started…I think my Mom already has the meal done.”

Koch is just now getting into player shape (since returning from a pre season injury), so his response might be predictable.

The player that the team calls ‘Goober’ had one last salvo to fire about this next game.

“We are going to come out on every play and hit ‘em,” Defensive End Koch closed. “They are physical and we will have to either match it or get more physical.”

The game is right around the corner and now time with family will take the forefront.

Bracken, by practicing on Thanksgiving, has two families now…all the players that were out on the field on Thursday morning will qualify as family, as they prepare for their game against Abilene Christian this coming Saturday.

If I’m the Zunker brothers, I would let Eli Achilles set at the head of the table!