Coaches Corner, Football | December 12, 2011

Bracken Christian Football Back to the Future

Ty Zunker and Austin Wilkinson and five other Seniors giving it all on the Gridiron.

Ty Zunker and Austin Wilkinson and five other Seniors giving it all on the Gridiron.

The ReSporter finally got a hold of the BCS Head Football Coach…wait…wait..

The BCS Head Football Coach was having withdrawals and called The ReSporter to talk football and The Resporter now has a story to share about this season and the season to come.

First off the Seniors have left a resume that will be pretty hard to top. They ended their football career with a 44-6 record, with a winning percentage of .880.

The Juniors have a chance to top that lofty goal with a 35-4 record and presently having a .897 winning percentage.

This last campaign BCS finished with 61.3 points per game on offense and gave up 16.8 points on the defensive side of the line of scrimmage.

Both were new records by four points on offense and six points on defense, a difference of 44.5 points per game for the season.

How do you replace the following cast of all-stars in their own right?

Ty Zunker rose to the occasion finishing with over 100 tackles for the season and doing an admirable job covering receivers. A touchdown called back in the playoffs was a highlight he will remember for years to come.

Jordon McDaniel had more de-cleating blocks than any other player on running plays. McDaniel also finished his two years in ninth place on the all-time receiving yards for Bracken with 167 yards.

Peter Corey was nails on the defensive side of the ball this season. Corey also finished in tenth place for receiving yardage with 144 yards.

Corey was an anchor on the defensive line and held his on and then some helping the team hold their opponents to a paltry 216 yards per game.

Ehren Jacobson played a punishing runner the last two seasons, rushing for 602 yards and fourth place on the all-time rushing charts. His 13 touchdowns rushing is tied for fourth in BCS history books.

Jacobson rushed for 100 yards more than the Championship season playing two less games.

Austin Wilkinson was a one year wonder kid. Wilkinson played both sides of the ball. Wilkinson finished seventh on the receiving all-time charts.

Defensively, Wilkinson used his previous experience playing for Smithson Valley as a defensive back and also was fast and his speed helped wreak havoc on the opposing quarterback.

Three safeties this season by Wilkinson might be a record not approached in the near future.

Offensively, Wilkinson had the following numbers helping BCS achieve their undefeated regular season for the second time.

Wilkinson had 386 yards rushing for a team best 16.8 yards per carry. Wilkinson also averaged a team best touchdown for every 2.87 times he toted the ball.

Kevin Knapick will be hard to replace as he finished in second place scoring 438 points kicking the ball full time for the last three seasons.

He totaled 204 bonus kicks in his career and countless touch back kickoffs.

Knapick’s punting might have been even more impressive if the BCS offense would not of been as potent, giving Kevin very few opportunities to use this part of the game.

Knapick also finished his career as the second all-time interception leader for the Warriors.

Grady Achilles was a Warrior for the Warriors. This young man used his speed to rewrite the record books and many of those milestones might not be touched for a long long time.

Defensively Achilles was used sparingly…not because he was not an asset, but because saving him for the offensive side of the ball would result in the defense protecting the lead instead of trying to come back for victories.

 Rushing                 164
 Receiving                13
 Returns                   6
 One Point Conversions     6
 Total Points Scored    1112

 Favorite Team to gain Yards?
 Kerrville OLH   4games  1205 yards, averaging 301.1 per game.

 Most Yards in a game?
 Kerrville OLH   389 yards for the 2010 Season Finale

 Most Rushing Touchdowns in a game?
 Kerrville OLH       7   2010
 Austin Hill Country 7   2010
 Marble Falls Faith  7   2010

 Most Touchdowns Rushing, Receiving, and Returns
 Marble Falls Faith  8   2010    7 rushing, 1 receiving

 Most Yardage for a Season Top Three:
 Year    Att     Yds     Average Per Run
 2010    200    2,940    14.7
 2009    211    2,264    10.7
 2011    119    1,822    15.3

 Most Yardage for a Career?
 Years   Att     Yds     Average Per Run
 ‘08-’11 647   7,988     12.3

 All Purpose Yardage by Rushing, Receiving, Passing and Returns
 Years           Yards       Average Yards Per Game
 Rushing        7,988        207.4
 Passing        1,095
 Receiving        673
 Returns          405 (Records not complete)

The ReSporter can safely say, Grady Achilles will be the first one to let you know that his records could only be accomplished based on his teammates blocking and they are the ones that deserve much of the credit for the numbers expounded on above.

The ReSporter will have the last article for the Football season next week as we talk with Coach Lloyd Fields about the future with the players and what the schedule will have in store for the Bracken Warriors.

Hope to see you then.