Softball, Sport News | February 12, 2012

Canyon Lake Softball Season Starts this Tuesday

Vicky Henderson will bring her solid game for the Hawks

Vicky Henderson will bring her solid game for the Hawks

The scrimmages are over and now it is time for Coach John Gallagher to put the puzzle pieces together.

“We saw a lot of players and now we have got to evaluate some talent,” Head Coach Gallagher said. “We have a clearer picture on where we can play players on Tuesday.”

The Hawks play this Tuesday at home against Marion starting at 6pm.

This will be a chance to see how a second place finish in District 26-3A last year will translate for a team that lost five players that switched their bat for a diploma last May.

In that number was a few players that made up the most important area on the diamond in the center.

Katy Payne, Tiffany Arredondo, and Alex Henderson were a few of the hard to replace positions on the team.

For Missy Romero, this will be her first time in three years where she will pitch without her battery mate in Payne.

Add the Arredondo center piece in the outfield where her speed and aggressiveness helped in making doubles into singles and catching anything in between.

To top it off, you have Alex Henderson that rose to the top of the heap with her outstanding play at second base as well as improving her batting average for the Hawks.

You get the idea as the 2012 edition will have only two Seniors too help keep the boat afloat when the season starts.

The good news will be in the circle as Romero has a chance to carry a young team to the playoffs for the second year in a row.

Softball is one sport that can survive when you have a dominant player in the circle. Yes, defense and batting will have to come into being as the season matures, but having a solid pitcher gives any team a chance to control the season until other players start to accept their roles.

It will be a year with surprises as Canyon Lake will now have the chance to reap on the momentum last years team accomplished.

Beating Fredericksburg and actually scoring a run were two firsts in last year’s campaign.

Canyon Lake has a chance to repeat as well as win district.

The Puzzle is on the table and right now all that needs to be done is finding all the straight pieces.

It will be fun to see if the Puzzle might give us a glimpse of another Hawk season full of surprises.