Coaches Corner, Track & Field | February 28, 2012

Head Track Coach Terri Sanders talks BCS Track Season

The ReSporter: “You have some returning and transfer athletes this season, what are your

Head Track Coach Terri Sanders

Head Track Coach Terri Sanders

expectations as the season looms this coming Friday?”

Terri Sanders: “Senior Grady Achilles will be returning to compete for his 100m and 200m state championship titles.  He is also a part of a powerful 4×1 relay consisting of Kevin Knapick, Austin Wilkinson and Connor Simmons.  This should be a great relay team! Austin Wilkinson transferred in and is a powerful runner competing in the 4×1, 4×2, 200m and long jump. Kevin Knapick will once again be competing in 4×1, 4×2, 400m and shot and disc. We have a team of 35 track team members who practice hard and I expect very positive results.”

The ReSporter: “What disadvantages do you have with other programs that actually have a track instead of grass and dirt?”

Terri Sanders: “Our disadvantage in not having a track is especially difficult for our relay teams.  It is hard to practice hand offs on grass and expect it to be the same on a track with cleats.  All our other events we make work without the track and it sometimes proves to our advantage in that as we practice on uneven terrain, it makes running on a track seem so much easier!”

The ReSporter: “What type of depth do you have for the boy’s and girl’s teams?”

Terri Sanders: “Our depth with our boys is good in that we have district, regional and state champions there. Our depth for our girls is not as good because we have young runners and not as much experience.  The girls have a lot of determination and I know they will do well.”

The ReSporter: “What part of the team do you need to develop in order to give each of the track teams a chance for the State Title this year?”

Terri Sanders: “We just need time on the track to be prepared for State.  We need to have confidence that we can be the best when we compete.  Sometimes when you practice on a “dirt” track and then get to a real track meet, your confidence can slip.  I think as the season goes on, we will become more confident and better competitors.”

The ReSporter: “Please comment on your overall thoughts as the season looms.”

Terri Sanders: “I am really excited about seeing the team perform at each track meet this year!  We are trying individuals in different events to see what works best for the team.  It is like a giant puzzle and we are making the pieces fit into the perfect setting for our track team. I cannot wait to post results each week of their accomplishments!  We really have a great group of athletes this year and I cannot wait to see how the season ends!”

The ReSporter: “Thanks Coach Sanders and we look forward to posting great things for the students this season!”