Football, Sport News | May 19, 2012

Bracken Retooling Offense for Breakout Season

Coach Hilgendorf flanked by Sam Hilgendorf and Arnold Adame after Practice

The Seniors that just graduated from Bracken Christian scored 1727 points in their four year career as Warriors. That is .496% of the total points by every other player to ever put a royal blue uniform on.

Reflect now on the job at hand for this year’s football team and what type of pressure they will be under to try and continue this status quo. Is it possible?

That is what the Coaches have been trying to find out for the past two weeks during spring practice.

Let’s start at the top. Eli Achilles will be very pivotal for the Warriors this season. This will be his fourth year taking snaps for BCS.

Achilles has a pretty solid record, 35-4 and he has grown (literally) since that first year as a freshman.

How about 2204 yards passing with 39 touchdowns and only seven interceptions. With our limited stats, those totals lead every other player since the team started playing in the 2006 season.

Achilles has caught 21 passes for 288 yards with two touchdowns. His rushing yardage is impressive as he now stands in third place behind Grady and David Martinez on the all-time rushing list for BCS.

His totals are impressive, 889 yards, 13 touchdowns, and almost two yards per carry more than Grady Achilles.

Defense will be where Eli Achilles’ worth will be even more evident for this team.

Eli will be at Linebacker as he holds the record for most interceptions for Bracken with another year to increase that lead and he will go into this season leading the team for career tackles.

Arnold Adame played his first year of ball and gave the fans and coaches a glimpse of what this young player might be able to accomplish with a full year of ball.

Head Coach ready to get under the hood for some Retooling

“I feel real good,” Adame said while commenting on his injury. “It is just fun coming out here to do something…I will be in the tight end and wide receiver positions this season.”

“I’m not really scared or afraid of anything or fearful of tearing it (leg injury) again…in fact, it is eight times stronger now.”

Adame will concentrate on the offensive side of the ball and he proved he can catch and make whoever throws the ball a better passer. He is tough to bring down and this weapon will be fun to watch as the year progresses.

Another injured player that did not get much playing time last year will be Preston Koch. Koch was injured in the first pre-season game and returned at the end of the season.

“He (Koch) is having to do catch up,” Head Coach Lloyd Fields said. “He is intense and gives you assurance that he will get the job done.”

Koch is a good run stopper at the defensive end position, but Coach Fields said that he might get some playing time as fullback on offense.

Size will be all over the field as Jordan Rohlmeier and Jonathan Wright will try on a different type of uniform this year. Both basketball players will see what they can accomplish with a ball that is not as round.

“I have been wanting to play for quite a while,” Rohlmeier said. “It’s my senior year and there is no reason to hold back…I hope to play tight end and defensive end.”

“We are retooling,” Coach Fields said with a wrench in his hand. “The good outweighed the negatives the past couple of weeks. This football team will not be put together until the first football game.”

Coach Fields was also pleased with what looks like a team that will compete for a District title.

“The game in Boerne against Geneva will be the game that might decide the champion,” as Coach Fields looked at the tea leaves. “I’m very happy with our backup quarterback (Sam Hilgendorf), his body is catching up with his football I.Q.”

Coach Fields also mentioned several new players that will be seeing action… “Coy Zunker might have played himself in as our cornerback.”

It sounds like Coach Fields is still under the hood working on the engine…all the parts are there, they just have to be put in the right area of the engine to get this car in a race.

Good-Luck and we will see you in August….can hardly wait.