CL Track: Jordan Anderson, Making Your Goals come True

Jordan Anderson has scored 250 points for the Hawks this Track Season.

State Bound Jordan Anderson running 400 Meter at Corpus Christi

State Bound Jordan Anderson running 400 Meter at Corpus Christi

That number could of been higher if he competed in all the events he was qualified to run in Corpus Christi Regional Meet last week.

So seven meets and 250 points with one more chance to add to that total this next week in Austin. Pretty impressive for any athlete.

“I felt myself breaking down,” Anderson started. “So, I decided to put all my eggs in two baskets, the 400 and High Jump.”

Anderson had qualified for five events and before the Regional Meet he had whittled down his events to only two the 400 Meter Dash and High Jump.

The prelims in the Regional Meet would have the participants running just once and based on their time, they would know if they would get to run in the finals the next day.

In Anderson’s heat he found himself in sixth place and he had to wake up in time to be able to qualify for the finals.

He qualified and then ran his best time ever on Saturday which gave him a chance to run again.

Anderson has also improved on every event from the previous year and he even added an additional event with the 400 Meter Run.

 Event        2011               2012
           Best Time           Best Time         Improvement
 100 Meter   10.92               10.81              0.11
 200 Meter   22.90               22.47              0.43
 400 Meter   Did Not Run         49.89              WOW
 High Jump   6’0”                6’5”               5”
 Long Jump   20’1”               21’4”              1’3”

What is interesting is the 400 Meter Dash is the event Anderson will be competing in Austin for the State Meet. Looking at the information above, you will see that is the one event that he did not run last season.

The times for the 400 Meter Dash from other State qualifiers shows seven runners with better times presently than what Anderson ran in Corpus Christi last weekend.

What cannot be quantified would be how hard the wind might of been blowing at other Regional Meets.

What we do know is Meets near the Gulf Coast will result in wind blowing almost all of

Jordan Anderson taking a Stand

Jordan Anderson taking a Stand

the time which was the case during the Region Meet.

“Placebo effect,” Anderson dead panned on how the wind will play into his run. “Running against the wind is not something I worry about.”

You can see how the wind can play into runners all the time and when it starts to happen, their run can be compromised based on how this thinking could psych them out.

Based on Anderson’s answer, you might think the wind will not be a problem.

“It was really windy at Corpus,” Anderson finally admonished.

On how he will run the 400 Dash, Anderson shared some of his strategy, “I can win the 400, I just see where I am at the 300 mark on the second turn…the last 100 meters is when I want to reel everyone in.”

Has Anderson run his fastest 400 this season? “I can get into the 48 second level and I can win the 400,” Anderson said confidently.

Anderson would not strike you as a track phenom, if you bumped into him walking to the State Meet, you would want to know if he had his ticket to get in the meet.

When asked what type of training he would be doing to prepare for the meet, “I have fast twitched muscles and so I will do some heavy squats and some explosive training…with long legs and being fast will equal into speed.”

“God is in control,” Anderson said when responding to how he can keep his focus. “I can’t do this by myself…there are scriptures in the Bible about running and doing your best to Glorify Him with your running.”

The ReSporter wanted to know where Jordan got some of his wisdom as he prepared for his race in the Region Meet.

“I went to bed a lot earlier this year (at the Region Meet), so some of my wisdom came from common sense,” Anderson was recalling how late he stayed up the year before as a sophomore. “My parents had me in a separate room and I treated my time as a business trip…asking God to put it in His Hands….and that helped me meet my goal in the 400.”

“My Step Mom went to State in the 400 as a Freshman and she is a nutritional guru, and so that also helped me in realizing my goal.”

Canyon Lake has a chance to score points for the first time in the Boys Track ledger.

Watching this young man has been a pleasure this season. Lucky for others he is just a Junior and will have a chance to see how much lower he might improve for next year.

Finish strong and you have made our community proud. Good Luck!!