CL Track: Marisa Ellis, She has a lot of Nerve

Marisa Ellis will be Canyon Lake’s second participant for Boys and Girl’s Track Team

Canyon Lake getting the Jump on the Competition

Marisa Ellis finishing Strong

this week as she attempts to Triple Jump her way for a medal in Austin.

Marisa, at our last writing was on a mission to have a personal best jump and clear the 37 foot mark. The distance had haunted this Junior for two years when she went to the Region Meet as a Freshman for Midlothian jumping just shy of that mark.

The distance was finally reached on her second to last jump in last weeks Region Meet in Corpus Christi when she hit 37’4.5”.

“I had jumped 36’8” and was in first for a while,” Ellis recounted. “Then two girls beat my jump on the second to last jump and I was in third.”

No pressure for Ellis as she still had two more jumps to get into second or first place and make the next round in Austin.

“I cleared the 37 foot mark on my next jump and it held up,” Ellis said matter-of-factly. “I really didn’t chance it.”

Ellis is a very calculated athlete when it comes to the triple jump. When asked if she would chance a better jump and try to get closer to the mark she responded, “I pretty much will not be risking a scratch and will jump the same…I don’t like to scratch.”

It will give you the idea of the tortoise and the hare in that the rabbit might chance it too many times and end up not having their best run or jump, while Ellis will be consistent and instead of risking the jump, will work with what has gotten her to this point of the year.

Hopefully it might be that strategy getting Ellis to a great finish.

Which, by the way, she will be jumping at the pinnacle in Texas….The State Track Meet.

When asked how her practices had gone this past week, Marisa exclaimed, “There is not much I can really do for this year…I’m working on using my arms and hopefully that will allow me to to get my ‘PR’ (Personal Record).”

You have got to admire the nerve for Ellis as she prepares for the meet this weekend.

Ellis does not seem to get rattled, which was evident in the Region Meet and based on her demeanor during this interview, you can only deduce she will be in control on the biggest stage in Track and Field.

One thing is for sure, this Canyon Lake Junior will calculate her jumps and will give herself a chance to jump into history.

Ellis has been non-stop in her first year for the Hawks, as she started the end of July preparing for the Volleyball Season then to Basketball Season and now she is the only girl standing or jumping in the middle of May.

The ReSporter wishes her luck and hoping for a great finish to one of the best years for Girl’s Athletics at this young school.

Just like Jordan Anderson who will be running the 400 Meter Dash for the boys Track Team, Marisa Ellis has made us proud and we are sure she, Three Jumps, her way to Canyon Lake history, you have made us Proud and thanks!