Coaches Corner: Head Track Coach Levi Montgomery

The ReSporter: What does it mean for this program to finally have that first athlete

Canyon Lake Tracksters

Canyon Lake Tracksters

(Jordan Anderson) break through the barrier and get to Austin?

Coach Levi Montgomery: “Jordan is a very talented young man. His work ethic matched his talent this season, and he deserves the success he has had. His going to the state meet is another first for Hawk Athletics, and we are proud of him.”

The ReSporter: Share some about the Seniors and what you would like the fans and other students to know about their years at CL.

Coach Montgomery: “Zach Henshaw and Marcus Bolles have been steady track athletes for us. They have led by example with their work ethic, and we will miss both of them.”

The ReSporter: “How do you see next year shaping up with who you will have coming up and staying?

Coach Montgomery: “We’ve got some quality athletes coming back. Covarrubias, Hubnik, Camarillo, and Anderson to name a few. As always, we will be looking for younger athletes to fill in the gaps.”

The ReSporter: How much do you know about the new ‘Freshman’ that will be here next year and how will that change the make up of next years Team?

Coach Montgomery: “They (Coaches with Mountain Valley Middle School) had a good number of kids that ran track. That’s always the key. If we can get the boys to come out for the sport, the rest will take care of itself.”

The ReSporter: Can hardly wait to see what type of team will come out for next season, thanks for a great year!