Football, Sport News | July 31, 2012

Canyon Lake looking for Fresh Water

The Hawks have had a bad taste in their mouths for about eight months after the bitter

Head Coach Charley Drum

sweet 2011 season.

Eight wins is something that will give any team the motivation to continue and improve upon.

Last season also had a millstone hanging around the teams neck after finishing with those eight wins and no chance to continue into the playoffs.

That will certainly give you a bad taste in your mouth and a “I can’t wait to get back on the field” feeling.

Now Canyon Lake will also have a new Head Coach with Charley Drum taking the reigns from Matt Monzingo who is enjoying his drive to New Braunfels each day with a job description for all the sports in Comal ISD.
Coach Drum has had his finger prints on this program since day one which should help in the smooth transition as he takes the reins.

“There will be a little changes,” Head Coach Drum said. “More so on how the season ended last year.”

Coach Drum was on the defensive side of coaching since the building blocks have been started four years ago.

“I will have some responsibilities especially on the offensive side of the ball,” Coach Drum enumerated after answering a question on how the responsibilities will be shared by the coaches.

The Hawks will have some new teams to conquer this season. Somerset, Burnet, and La Grange will be new teams for Canyon Lake.

Somerset and Burnet were two teams Canyon Lake played two years ago in the playoffs. Maybe the CL Coaches were trying to plant a seed in the players head about not missing that opportunity again this season.

There were several good times in Sports last season, but having no team make the playoffs was certainly a disappointment for the students. 

That little problem can be rectified right out of the gate with a team that has a bad taste in it’s mouth.

Some fresh water will do that for this team, Coaches, and even the fans.

Canyon Lake will have a chance to reach the .500 mark with a win over Blanco to start the season. A win will even the record at 22 wins and losses.

Not bad considering the first year had just one win. Wow…you can get a fresh water taste the more you think about it.

The ReSporter will have more articles upcoming so keep coming in to read about your Hawks.