Football, Sport News | August 8, 2012

Bracken Christian: Breaking down District Schedule

Warriors taking break from Practice

Bracken Christian will have a five game district schedule this year and a game of musical chairs has bumped Marble Falls Faith out and Geneva School of Boerne taking their place.

The Flames from Marble Falls made the playoffs the last two seasons, but got no further than the second round, while Boerne Geneva lost in the first round to Brownwood Victory Life 70-44, last season during their 8-3 season.

“The top two teams in district will meet in week one,” Head Coach Lloyd Fields commented. “Boerne Geneva has everyone coming back.”

That will be a common theme this season for some of the schools, or they might have lost a player that had that do everything persona.

Geneva faced two teams that had the opportunity in playing BCS. They finished 1-1 with a loss coming from Kerrville OLH 54-50 and a win against New Braunfels Christian 52-7.

The Warriors mercy gamed both of those teams last season, but the old, ‘everyone is coming back’, motto will give fans a pause before marking this game as a win. Playing in Boerne will only add to the intrigue.

SA Lutheran is the next district opponent. Lutheran might be better than last season, but this team would have to improve more than make-up on a pig to compete for the district crown this season.

Once again, this is the only team BCS beat in their first year of existence.

How about SA Winston. “Winston has everyone back except for their stud running back from last season,” Coach Fields assessed.

The Winston has a problem playing on the defensive side of the ball. Playing Ole defense let’s the offense get back on the field faster so they can play more offense, but that style of play does not guarantee wins.

Last season Winston was beaten 109-105 to SA Castle Hills and the next week beat SA Town East 122-120.

Bracken Christian held this team to no points last season and their next lowest scoring game was 38 points against Marble Falls Faith.

That type of game is a half and half team and that was their record…5-5 and no chance for the playoffs.

CASA had their first taste of the playoffs last season when they finished 4-7 with two of those wins being in district play.

That leaves Kerrville OLH for the last game.

This game has been classics but this season the Hawks lost their stud do everything player leaving a huge hole to fill.

“Their super back is gone and their head coach left,” Coach Fields finished.

Kerrville might have lost some firepower, but this has become a rivalry in all sports for the two schools. The good news is with the new alignment, you sometimes get to play a team two years in a row at home or away.

BCS will have the opportunity to end this year’s campaign at home against the Hawks.

Last year after the Warriors made the playoffs, one of the teams from the Houston district was paired in the first round against BCS. The team decided to lick their wounds and not play the game.

That move instigated a new and improved way of picking the 16 teams making the playoffs.

You must finish first or second in your district to qualify and then with six remaining slots the teams would be slotted for an at large berth.

Two variables will be put into the equation to come up with those six teams.

Won/Loss record and then strength of schedule.

Now instead of facing a team that has no business making it to the playoffs, the brackets will be set with teams that wanted to be there. That plan last year would of given Bracken an extra game and possibly a better team as each round transpired during playoffs.

BCS will have a good chance of making the playoffs and hopefully another run to Moody…ooops! Make that Zephyr.

The Championship game has been changed also and hopefully allowing Hawk fans a chance to use their GPS.