Canyon Lake Gets a Dig for another Season

While watching the Alumni/Canyon Lake volleyball game, you would

Head Coach Nicole Creek

of been amazed the Alumni won a game.

A simple fact about this event, Canyon Lake Varsity won for the first time against their former teammates. Was this a bad day for the former students or was CL Varsity just playing a better game?

A lot of players return with a sprinkling of newbies might have a team that will rival the playoff teams in recent years.

Katie Williams is one of those Seniors that will want a better result than what happened to last year’s club.

Marisa Ellis, Logan Nease, Cassidy Riccio, and Reanna Wagliardo are the other Seniors that seem destined to ‘dig’ this team back to the playoffs this season.

“This team has a purpose since the end of last season,” Head Coach Nicole Creek started. “This whole offseason they have been working hard.”

“I don’t know what it was, but this group knows where they want to be and with more height and experience and they have wanted it more even before the season starts.

Last year was not a good year for T-Shirt companies as Canyon Lake ended up with no extra sales from any of the team sports.

Track and Field turned out to be the one sport that Canyon Lake had a better year than the previous campaign.

“We need to jell and get a good skill level,” Coach Creek said. “The District will be a dog fight, Boerne won their summer league and Navarro should be good too.”

“We have taken Fredericksburg to a game five but still have not beaten them…we need to learn how to pass that barrier and get to the playoffs.”

The schedule will be packed with lots of games the first month of play as usual and Coach Creek has changed up one of the tournaments from Leander to Devine tournament.

“I wanted to give the girls more confidence,” Coach Creek surmised. “In the Leander tournament we were the smallest school there.”

“This team has way more confidence and we have so much potential.”

So, now as the season comes to our front door, it is time to answer the bell and get on the same page.

“We don’t want to rush and we are at a good spot to start.”

Canyon Lake has the senior leadership and now it is time to instill that same ingredient throughout the other three grades in order to be the first team of the year with an interview with those T-Shirt companies.