Football, Game Article, Sport News | August 25, 2012

Canyon Lake holds their own in Scrimmage with Lehman

Canyon Lake listens in on Post Game comments from Coaches after Scrimmage with Lehman

The Hawks looked good with all three teams last Friday at Hawk Stadium. The Freshman, Junior Varsity, and Varsity were all in action and came out of the game ready for their five year old birthday party.

In the two 12 minute quarters after the set scrimmage, CL scored twice while holding Lehman scoreless.

“No injuries and we got better this week,” Head Coach Charley Drum said. “This week we played a better team and we seemed to be faster on defense.”

Defense is what will have the final say on how this team will finish and holding Lehman scoreless overshadowed all the scoring the Hawks had on this night.

Quarterback Branson Belcher will be going into his second year and already holds the Canyon Lake all time victory mark with eight wins last year.

“For our second scrimmage we looked pretty good,” Belcher said. “The offensive line really stepped up.”

The good news? The Offensive Line kept Belcher’s jersey clean and gave the Senior Quarterback plenty of time to find his eligible receivers.

“We were more physical than they were,” Junior Justin Monfils said. “We

Junior Justin Monfils

have to be extra physical to get it done…much better defensively and we carried that over from last week.”

Lehman was stacking the line on defense which forced the Hawks to start passing and that part of the game also looked impressive.

“They (Lehman) were packing the line and the kids have got to run what we planned to run. We looked much faster and more comfortable…we just have to relax and play football,” Coach Drum finished.

Running Back Casey Coffee got a few more carries when Eduardo Covarrubias was hobbled in the first set of plays. Covarrubias was held out as a precautionary reason, as he bolted for a 70 yard run in the early going after he had already sustained the hit.

“We looked pretty good, we just need to get enough reps,” Coffee said. “We are doing a better job blocking.”
Canyon Lake will now start preparations for Blanco next Friday and this team will have a chance to see what type of presents and festivities for

Canyon Lake and Lehman exchange handshakes after Scrimmage won by the Hawks

their fifth year party.

Junior Linebacker McGuire Johnson also chimed in, “We all know our job and we need to be aggressive because that is the key to our success…Coach said be physical and we practiced a lot of that….our motto this year is ‘Three and Out—no Yards.'”

Of course, all of the Canyon Lake fans are invited to sing and bring their balloons for a year that could be special.