Football, Sport News | August 14, 2012

Canyon Lake is 15-3 since middle of 2010 Season

Canyon Lake Hawks Preparing for Season

What is the definition for winning?

The Hawks have been on a tear since the middle of the ’10 season as they have compiled a record that can be a great building block.

Canyon Lake will be entering their fifth season and now only lack one win to even their overall record to an even .500 with 22 wins and losses.

Considering the first season where Canyon Lake could only muster one win over a hapless Ingram team where scoring 21 points was a high water mark for the young Hawks.

Three years later, CL has put their brand on many other mascots with some high scoring and with losses to only three teams during this recent stretch. Wimberley, Boerne, and Somerset are the only losses and now the Hawks ready themselves for another exciting year.

During this set of games Canyon Lake has held 11 of the teams without any points in the first quarter. This has allowed the Hawks to get a quick lead and then scoring enough to keep the pressure on their opponent.

Somerset two years ago, that lead did not hold up as those Bulldogs were able to eek out a one point win during the second round playoffs. Canyon Lake has outscored their foes 146-33 in the first quarter, during this span of 18 games helping them set a positive tone for each of the contests.

The Wimberley game last season was the only time Canyon Lake allowed more than one touchdown during the first quarter.

Canyon Lake through the years has been a team that has had long drives with many plays. The Hawks have 30 more first downs during this set of games backing that stat up.

Sustaining drives has allowed Canyon Lake to take the ball out of the opposing team’s hands and also given their defense more rest.

The Hawks have averaged 319 yards per game while allowing just 270 for their competitors. Fifty yards difference has been enough to sustain this record and brought a different mind set for Canyon Lake as they prepare to enter each new game.

Are there things to be improved upon? You bet…this year will be upon us soon and we relegated to seeing the gifts under the tree without a chance of tearing the wrappers off until the end of August.

The ReSporter will continue with more articles to unwrap and find out if the present under the tree is socks or that gadget you have had your eye on. The key this season will be seeing if this edition of the Hawks can continue this season closer to Christmas and that would be the best present of all for a well deserving fan base.

Let’s go do some window shopping…