Football, Player Profile | August 1, 2012

Canyon Lake Linebacker-Travis Walker

Travis Walker will be one of the many injured Hawks from last years team hoping to put a

Senior Linebacker Travis Walker

full year on the football field this season.

Canyon Lake had many of their players out during last year’s campaign and the depth allowed the Hawks to finish with an 8-2 record.

This season Walker is looking to complete the year, which has not been easy for this player that was moved up for his Sophomore year, but still has not been able to play in every game.

“I hope not,” Walker stated when asked if he thought the injury bug might bite him again this year.

The Linebacker core could be one of the strengths for Canyon Lake, but it has also been one of the most injured positions, especially last season.

Isaac Pruna had injury problems before the season even started and McGuire Johnson did not miss any games, but after the season ended, he also had to go under the knife coming from an injury during the season.
If all three players can get through this season unscathed, then Canyon Lake has a chance to make some noise in District.

“Not giving up points in a couple of shut-outs,” Walker exclaimed on some goals this team might have this year.

That would be a good indicator on how this edition might do this year. 

Canyon Lake had their best offensive output ever last season, but that same offense was held to 14 point in two games that knocked them out of the running for the playoffs.

Conversely, the Hawks gave up less points in the previous two years and had the opportunity to play three extra games. Defense will need to be improved for a chance to play into November.

“The 2009 defense played with more physicality,” Walker said. “They were a knock you in the mouth type of team.”

“We are getting a good turn out in our training and workouts, we will need to give 110% whenever we can and never let go…the more tired teams fumble.”

A linebacker will usually be the quarterback for the defense and if these three players can keep their ‘A’ game for this season, then the results will be much better for Canyon Lake.

Canyon Lake has had 14 games over 400 yards of offense and seven of those game were last season.

Unfortunately, as well as the offense played, it only took two games of subpar play which buried the Hawks chances of more games. Putting an emphasis on the defense needs to be better giving the team a chance to win those games too.

“We are going to leave everything on the field and hopefully that will lead to a good playoff run,” Senior Linebacker Walker closed.

Could not of said it better myself.