Football, Player Profile, Sport News | August 12, 2012

Canyon Lake: Senior Doug Hubnik can make a difference

It was the fifth game of the season when Doug Hubnik made history with a four year

Senior Doug Hubnik ready for Season to start

program with lots of new ground to explore.

Hubnik scored on a 60 yard interception return and 80 yard kickoff return in the Luling game which was a first time for those type of scores for Canyon Lake.

Hubnik had the most catches from a non-senior last season with six. Those catches went for 95 yards and now the log jam in the receiver corp might allow this senior a chance to make a difference.

“We have a lot of skill players,” Hubnik started. “We will need to play to our skill levels this season.”

When asked how the play of Quarterback Branson Belcher was this first week, “He is playing real good…Branson is throwing real good.”

“We have grown up since our junior varsity year and a lot of us have moved to different positions and that has been our biggest change,” Hubnik said while commenting on how this Senior class might perform this season.

Canyon Lake lost only two games last year, but one ingredient you keep hearing is how last years team did not have a ‘nastiness’ on the field.

A stat that would help support the sentiment was the lack of turnovers made by the defense.

For the first time since the woeful first season, the Hawks finished with a negative number on forcing vs. turning the ball over to their opponent.

“We have a different mind set and we want to be more physical and intense,” Hubnik said. “More focus will help us improve.”

Lessons were learned last season as this 8-2 team watched painfully from the sidelines as other teams that were not as good were playing in the playoffs.

“We did not come out to play and we took it (the two games that were lost) for granted…we went through it (the season) and we will be better prepared. If a team goes up on us then we will realize that we have the whole rest of the game left and we will be fine.”

Hubnik has the potential to bring a lot of speed to his position both defensively and offensively. He was on all three relay teams that ran in the regionals in Corpus Christi last year.

Those relay teams was composed of two other Juniors that are now Seniors this year.

Eduardo Covarrubias and Daniel Camarillo will also bring that same game changing speed to the gridiron.

Noticing how Hubnik carved his words while talking you can take one thing from this player. He is a team player and that is the ingredient that will only enhance this team to greater heights as this season unfolds.

Notice the amount of time this young man mentioned ‘we’ and you will know that this could be that special year.