Coaches Corner, Football | August 23, 2012

Coaches Corner: Bracken’s Lloyd Fields

Head Coach Lloyd Fields will be starting another year with the last

Head Coach Lloyd Fields

scrimmage before the season starts next week.

Bracken Christian will be traveling to Seguin for a three team scrimmage with Lifegate and San Marcos Home School.

“This scrimmage we will have the starters with more time ready with the first team,” Coach Fields said. “We only have two non-starters on the sidelines that are healthy.”

BCS has already had some players hurt during this part of the season and that will put some pressure on more players while having Coaches spending more time in prayer time hoping that this scrimmage will be considered a success if no one gets hurt.

“This past week we have spent a lot of time on the kicking game,” Coach Fields fielded kicks. “But, we will need to get some work in this Saturday.”

This weekend scrimmage will be 15 plays for offense and defense and then 10 play scrimmage offensively and defensively with the San Marcos Home School team.

“We have five guys over 200 pounds and two more that are over 180 pounds,” Wrestling Coach Fields said. “Our scrimmages are longer than our games.”

Newcomer John Colby was also talked about by Coach Fields, “John Colby has gotten better as this week has gone on…he is still in 11-man shape.”

We asked Coach about how Eli Achilles had done for the practices, “Eli has to play his position on defense.”

Coach said this about Eli in response of how he would play his middle linebacker position. Achilles has lead the defense the last few years with tackles and with the team losing so many defensive players the thought was that this young player might try to make all the plays on the field.

“We have some good defensive ends and corners on this team, so Eli needs to just play his position which will be go to the ball.”

When asked what he would consider a success for this week’s scrimmage, Coach Fields said, “No injuries; Offense needs to have a good function and we need to see them improve; defense needs to flow to the football and make plays and move their feet more.”

“Will we still be explosive? Absolutely!!,” Coach Fields closed.