Football, Sport News | August 4, 2012

IHOP Time for Canyon Lake’s Lineman

There is a common phrase for lineman and Coaches used all the time when they are

Weston Dicks, Luke Saenz, Cory Rustin, Trey Saenz, and Trevor Duty focus in on new season

dominating during any particular game.

‘Pancake Block’

The phrase is used to indicate that a lineman has the upper hand on their opponent and performed such a block that the other player was put flat on the field or ‘Pancaked’.

Another thing that is a given when these players end up at IHOP…they will not be using diet syrup.

Weston Dicks (6’4 and 305 lbs) is returning for another year hoping to get in all the games this season. 

Dicks is another player that missed three games last year and is wanting to go out with a mouth full of pancakes.
“Feeling pretty good, I have more size with the same speed,” Dicks said while pouring syrup on his pancakes.

Luke Saenz (6’2 and 240 lbs), Trey Saenz (5’11 and 195 lbs), and Cory Rustin (5’6 and 190 lbs) are also ordering a ‘Large Stack’, these three players said consecutively when asked what they wanted to accomplish this season,  “I want to pancake, stay in the whole game, and do it by working hard and not quitting.”

Trevor Duty (5’11 and 225 lbs) also chimed in on what the team would need to do about a break down, like what happened in the Boerne game last year, “Any team is the same team and should get the same focus.”

Dicks also wanted to continue talking about Boerne, “We need more discipline and the season went to our heads. We will need to take leadership and I will need to be more of a leader.”

Head Coach Charley Drum had also mentioned on how last year’s team had lost the nastiness Canyon Lake enjoyed during the 2009 season.

“We have to have better leadership and be meaner and get nasty,” Duty said while waiting for another plate of pancakes.

The Hawks had one of their signature seasons last year when the offense topped over 300 yards rushing for the first time in their history.

Five of the top seven games rushing were accomplished last season with some great offensive line games. 

The two losses in District 26-3A were the culprit in keeping Canyon Lake not participating in the playoffs. The Hawks averaged 154 yards on the ground in those two games while averaging a hefty 267.3 yards for the other eight games.

Dicks commented on what he was wanting to do for his Senior year, “Beat Blanco, beat Somerset, and beat Wimberley…”

Dicks and the rest of the offensive and defensive line decided that they needed to order some more pancakes while the list of teams was cascading down his lips and looking at an empty plate.

These players needed some more ‘Pancakes’…this will be a long season while they get more syrup to finish off another stack.

See you at IHOP.