Football, Player Profile, Sport News | August 11, 2012

QB Branson Belcher: One Year Later

Canyon Lake intrasquad Scrimmage

Quarterback Branson Belcher has won more games than any other quarterback in the history of Canyon Lake Football.

His eight wins last year put him ahead of Ross Wagliardo and Jeff Nabors who won seven and six games respectively in the previous three years.

Now the Hawks prepare for a break out year that hopefully will include that hidden word called, ‘Playoffs’.

The 8-2 season last year was great, but not having a game after the tenth game, left an emptiness for the team and fans.

Senior Quarterback Belcher will now take ownership of a team that has the possibility of eclipsing the eight wins from last year.

Going back two years Belcher and the Junior Varsity had a break out year finishing undefeated and one of those wins coming at the expense of Wimberley.

Belcher had a decent season throwing only three interceptions and those three happened in the first two games. The rest of the year this quarterback was as smooth as silk and the rest of this class of players were all about team.

“I feel I have a little more experience,” Belcher started. “Learn, learn, learn….and I know how to win.”

Win he did two years ago, when he passed for 1500 yards, completing 70% of his passes and finishing with 16 touchdowns and three interceptions.

“We are working on focusing on my run and the receivers are practicing on getting their routes down,” Belcher continued. “I’m under center, so I only have about five seconds to get all my reads, so I will have to be real quick.”

That junior varsity game against Wimberley was a 42-28 win and Canyon Lake controlled every aspect of this game by scoring the first 21 points of the game.

When Belcher was asked about what his goals were for this season, “District Champions!”

When asked about what will happen during the season when things aren’t going well on the field, Belcher said, “Coach always says, ‘when ten people are running down the street, then other people will follow.'”

Now we need to find those people running down the street to work on their routes and Belcher can get them the ball in stride.

With that type of teamwork, this team will have success on the field.