Football, Player Profile, Sport News | August 22, 2012

Running Back Eduardo Covarubbias will Tongue Tie Announcers this Year

Running Back Eduardo Covarrubias with Zach Henshaw

Eduardo Covarubbias has been a mouthful through the last two years as Canyon Lake goes on the road and that team’s announcer has the chance to practice a lot of syllables.

The saving grace has been that Covarubbias has not had the amount of carries his counterpart had (Zach Henshaw) during his 4,329 rushing yards the past three years.

Now, Covarubbias will have the chance to show off his skills during his Senior year and quite frankly, there might not be that much difference from what we had seen when Henshaw was running over defenses for the Hawks.

Covarubbias was the feature back the first part of the 2010 season when Henshaw was nursing an injury suffered during the Summer. Covarrubias did quite well during that time slot when he rushed for 417 yards on 71 carries for a 5.9 per carry average during that four game stint.

For his career Covarubbias has totaled, 943 yards on 159 carries for a 5.9 per carry average.

Now Canyon Lake is ready to start with a new number getting carries from the backfield and Covarubbias is back after suffering a leg injury during the Track Season.

“Feels good,” Covarubbias commented after being asked how his leg felt after being inactive for most of the Summer. “I am just a little out of shape.”

Covarubbias was a man of few words for this interview which is ok, since he seems to do all of his talking out on the football field.

Covarubbias also reacted to how he handled the inactivity during the Summer months, “Nerve racking and hard, but I’m ready to do it.”

Henshaw averaged right at six yards per carry for his career and Covarubbias is right at that same pace and now will be raising the curtain for his year to shine.

The shining can commence if Covarubbias can help this team reach his number one goal for this season, “Playoffs!”

Time will tell as this season unfolds for a young man who bided his time for a year to shine.

Hopefully, this season the Canyon Lake Booster Club will be selling sunglasses to help the fans to soften the glare.

But one thing will be for sure at every away game, the announcer will have a tough time pronouncing his name, you can count on it.