Coaches Corner, Football, Sport News | August 28, 2012

The Drum Beat: Q & A with Coach Charley Drum

Coaches Corner will now be known as Drum Beat in honor of Head Coach Charley Drum.

Head Coach Charley Drum

ReSporter: How are you feeling about your first game as Head Coach?

Coach Drum: “It is a nervous energy. it has taken forever for Friday to get here.”

ReSporter: Where is the team right now as the season looms?

Coach Drum: “I think we are further along than where we had been this time last year. Scrimmages can be a good indicator, but sometimes they’re not.

ReSporter: Tell us about this week’s game with Blanco.

Coach Drum: “They always play us tough…Tim Goodman and Colton Childress will be hard to handle in the backfield. Blanco is basically a run base offense. We are looking for football fundamentals in our game this week.”

ReSporter: How do you try to handle the beginning of this season starting with Blanco?

Coach Drum: “They will always throw a few wrinkles into the game. They do a good job of trying to keep our offense off the field with their offense, conversely we want to do the opposite.
Last year we played well for the the first two downs but we would make a mistake to help the team we were playing to keep a drive alive.”

ReSporter: Good luck Coach and we look forward to more insights this season.