Coaches Corner, Football | September 27, 2012

Coaches Corner: Head Coach Lloyd Fields

The ReSporter:Coach Fields what are you thinking as you approach the

Head Coach Lloyd Fields

biggest game in this regular season?

Coach Fields: “Geneva and Bracken are the only two remaining undefeated schools left in Division I. They are big, strong, and deep. They have two quarterbacks and one of the best receivers I have seen. They are more physical than Sugar Land Logos.”

The ReSporter: I can see by your opening statement that you have been spending some quality time studying for this team. Give us an idea of another team that might help novices like me to understand what is in store for BCS?

Coach Fields: “Abilene Christian (the team that beat BCS last season in the Semis), their defense is very similar and they run a lot of the same techniques.”

The ReSporter: Does their offense remind you of Abilene Christian?

Coach Fields: “Abilene passed almost every down…Geneva will run everything offensively. They run the spread, tight, and everything in between. They are a very hard team to prepare for.”

The ReSporter: This is an important game…

Coach Fields: “This ball game is between the two best teams in our District and then there are everyone else. The loser of this game has a good chance finishing second in district.”

The ReSporter: What needs to happen in this game for you to come away satisfied?

Coach Fields: “I will give you four things we need to do….1) Don’t turn the ball over, teams they have played this year have been giving them 24 points just on turnovers. If we don’t turn the ball over and can keep them under 30 points then we have a good chance of winning. We won’t be able to shut them down, but we can hope to slow them down. 2) We will have to be able to play more football in our spread offense. 3) We have to be able to cover their wideouts and match up with them. and 4) Find a way to put pressure on their quarterback!”

The ReSporter: Wow, Coach you sound passionate.

Coach Fields: “Coach Royal with Texas once said that ‘you dance with the one who brung you’, and so if we leave nothing on the field then I will be alright.

The ReSporter: Sounds like you might want to go ‘Danc’in’, based on that Darrel Royal quote. And if that is the case I will pay money to go see that.

Coach Fields: “If I was not a Coach in this game, then I would pay for a ticket to see this game.”

The ReSporter: Thanks Coach and make sure you take the type of shoes that will have you glide over the dance floor. You will look much smoother doing it that way.