Coaches Corner, Football | September 13, 2012

Football: CL Coaches Drum Beat

The ReSporter had a good time talking to Head Coach Charley Drum this week, we hope

Coach Charley Drum

you enjoy finding out more about your Hawks.

The ReSporter: Two weeks in a row, the special teams have had some trying times, what have you done to try to rectify this part of their game?

Coach Drum: “We are getting the kids situated and they were Junior Varsity players last year and so we are trying to get them where they need to be. We are going to change up some players in the games. This is easier said than done sometimes.”

The ReSporter: Quarterback Branson Belcher had the most yards rushing by a quarterback in the history of Canyon Lake last week.

Coach Drum: “That was one positive from last week. We are trying to get Branson to buy into this to be in his game. Two weeks ago in the Blanco game, he could of made plays with his feet and it cost us in some of the plays. He has never been asked to make plays with his feet.”

The ReSporter: Pressure this week is on both schools, in that La Vernia comes into the game losing the first two games and Canyon Lake comes with a disappointing loss from last week.

Coach Drum: “La Vernia started last season 0-4 and this season they have started the season playing two 4A schools. This is like looking at yourself in a mirror. They are pretty solid up front and they are always play us physical. They made the playoffs last year and so we can take a lesson from them that district is where you want to finish 5-0.”

The ReSporter: This is not district, so with the loss last week, I’m thinking you are using this past couple of weeks as a learning tool for the team.

Coach Drum: “It is all fixable, we went undefeated last season and won our first six games and that did not help us get to the playoffs. If we learned anything last year, we need to take adversity now and get it right, than during district play.”

The ReSporter: The first two games you have not thrown the ball that much and have had only three players that have caught the ball so far.

Coach Drum: “It was a disappointing game last week. We are going to try and spread it out from our quarterback to our receivers. A couple of times it is in the route running as well as Branson not getting his short passes in sync. He certainly has shown that he can get the ball down the field though.”

The ReSporter: Thanks for being up front with us and good luck this week against the Bears.