Football, Pre/Game | September 19, 2012

Pre/Game: Canyon Lake @ Burnet

                          Canyon Lake       @       Burnet
                          Hawks (1-2)               Bulldogs (1-2)
 History:   Burnet leads the series 2 games to 1.
 2008    Canyon Lake  06   Burnet 49
 2009    Canyon Lake  07   Burnet 40
 2010    Canyon Lake  27   Burnet 20 Playoff
 Season Results:
 Canyon Lake  26  Blanco    21    Burnet  26   Fredericksburg   21
 Canyon Lake  35  Somerset  54    Burnet  17   Rockdale         24
 Canyon Lake  13  La Vernia 14    Burnet  34   Marble Falls     51

Canyon Lake will be traveling to Burnet to face another 3A power from 8-3A District.

The Hawks played Burnet two years while in the same district when this program was just starting and took a beating for two games during that span.

CL got revenge the next year when the Hawks faced a Bulldog team in their first round of playoffs. This game was a first half blow out as Canyon Lake opened a safe lead and held on for a victory winning 27-20.

This year will have two clubs that are on two game losing streaks and would certainly like a chance to get back on the right track again as district play approaches.

Canyon Lake is having little problems that have become game breakers so far this season. Last week CL lost a game as a result of a blocked extra point after losing the ball on a clinching touchdown drive on their three yard line after a fumble.

Another in truistic part of this game will be a chance to see how the Hawks will stack up against Fredericksburg later in the year. Burnet beat the Billies 26-21 to start this season and as hindsight would have it, their last victory.

Quarterback Derek Kiser will be calling the signals and he has a 59% completion rate so far this year.

Kiser has the ability to get the ball to several players…in a game against Fredericsburg, the Bulldogs had six players catching at least on pass as they torched the Billies for 267 yards through the air.

Receivers to keep an eye on would be Jordan Barnhard, Cameron Langley, and Trenton Hafley. Trenton  will be getting his catches coming out of the backfield as he also is their main running back.

The Bulldogs will be a team that can get more yardage by passing. This game might remind you of another Somerset type of team as far as play calling and getting down the field.

Canyon Lake still shows glimpses of greatness that will morph into self destruction many times. That was certainly the case in the last two games.

Last week, Running back Eduardo Covarrubias had a 50 yard run reduced to a 20 yard play after a penalty took 30 yards away from his play. Turnovers that lead to opponents scoring and helping the proverbial snowball to gather speed until the team is covered up and having to dig themselves out of trouble.

Daniel Camarillo is starting to get double coverage as he can put a dagger into a defense quickly so far this year. A 30 yard average per reception is pretty impressive at any level of play.

The Hawks have the personnel to punish teams, but they will need to quit shooting themselves in the foot to be able to get some much needed confidence going into district.

Defensively, Canyon Lake has had their best three game stint in holding opposing teams to manageable yardage.

Canyon Lake Defense Yardage given up in first three games of season.

                 2009   2010   2011   2012
Total Yardage    847    1060   970    765
3 game average   282.3  353.3  323.3  255.0

The 2009 Canyon Lake defense has been brought up several times in the past about how that team had the best unit in the brief history of this school.

In these past three games, this is what gives a team hope knowing that this season can make a turnaround. Now a change in minimizing those penalties and turnovers will give CL hope as this season creeps closer to District 27-3A play.

Canyon Lake will need to allow the defense to defend from the other teams part of the field and then the best stat that goes with the yardage would be less points for a Hawks competitor.

Which should lead to more victories.