Coaches Corner, Football | October 25, 2012

Coaches Corner: Bracken’s Lloyd Fields

The ReSporter: Hey Coach let us know how Bracken Football is

Head Coach Lloyd Fields

doing this week.

Coach Fields: “We have had a low key week of practice, CASA does have 18 kids out this year, but we want to try and end this game by half time.”

The ReSporter: What is your focus?

Coach Fields: “Still adjusting our defense, right now we have everyone going full speed and are more healthy than we have been all year.”

The ReSporter: Your achilles heel this year seems to be in your Bonus kick for Special Teams, what are you doing in this part of your game?

Coach Fields: “We have quit trying to kick for our extra point. Now we are going for one point after every touchdown. Realistically we would like to be successful on 75% of those tries.”

The ReSporter: How should that affect your games?

Coach Fields: “We did not make any bonus points agains Geneva and if this would of been our focus in that game, then we could of won that game.”

The ReSporter: You said how you were at full strength right now, what does that mean for this team as you get into the last third of the season?

Coach Fields: “We only have 14 players, so we have to know who can do what and then be able to plug them into a place we can get the best. We do not want to put the players in a place where they can fail. If the work ethic of the players is good then we will find a place for them to play.”

The ReSporter: How does this team stack up against your previous teams?

Coach Fields: “Every team has their own identity and this is a good bunch of guys to coach. Everyone is playing their roll.”

The ReSporter: How do you plug these new players into your team’s defense and offense?

Coach Fields: “It is harder to get those players on the offensive side of the ball. They have to have some natural talent to make that jump seamlessly. Defense is reaction football and that can help them to get into the game faster….Offense is getting from point A to point B and takes more repetition.”

The ReSporter: Thanks Coach and have a good Friday night and we will talk to you next week.