Coaches Corner, Volleyball | October 25, 2012

Final Coaches Corner with Volleyball’s Nicole Creek

The Resporter: Disappointing year for the Team, what

Head Volleyball Coach Nicole Creek

goals were reached during this season for these girls?

Coach Creek: “We were successful early on with some wins at tournaments, before this season we never brought home any hardware from tourneys.”

The ReSporter: Tell us about your Seniors and how they impacted your team?

Coach Creek: “Seniors worked hard all year. They came together in the Summer and worked with me to create some of the expectations we had for all the teams this season. They were instrumental in getting the girls involved in Summer League and there almost every week. They were a great group of girls to work with and for the younger girls to look up to.”

The ReSporter: The ReSporter noticed that this group of girls did more during the off/season than pervious classes, can you give us an idea of what impact that had on your season?

Coach Creek: “I think the more they stay involved the better off we will be as a group and I think it showed this year. Despite us not going to the playoffs we still competed with everyone in a very tough district. This was a direct result of their efforts in the off season.”

The ReSporter: District 27-3A had everyone stair stepped (each team won and lost their games to the same team), have you played in a tougher district than in this year’s campaign?

Coach Creek: “Not with a full senior class. Our first year varsity with Liberty Hill, Wimberley, Fredericksburg, Burnet, and Llano was tough but we had no seniors that year. This was for sure as tough a district as I have experienced. The ‘last’ place team, Bandera, competed in every game going five with Fredericksburg and Boerne and taking a game from Wimberley. We didn’t accomplish that, but yet we beat Bandera. So tough for sure.”

The ReSporter: The ReSporter already has an article talking about this Freshman class, how will you bring them along for next year and beyond?

Coach Creek: “We have a strong Freshman class! We will work hard in the off season and try to get them into position to be ready to play at the next level. With that being said, our Sophomore class is also good and very competitive. Looking at what we have I am very hopeful for the future.”

The ReSporter: Can you give us an idea of what we might be able to see for the future? How did the Mountain Valley teams do this year?

Coach Creek: “The future looks good. We have more girls at Mountain Valley playing Volleyball in the off season. Out 7th grade team has only lost one game so far to Wimblerley, but they also beat them in the first round and they won a tournament in Bandera. Our 8th grade class is super athletic and with many of them signed up to play Club Volleyball this season, it will only make them stronger. I am so excited about the volleyball atmosphere we have created in the Canyon Lake Area.”

The ReSporter: Final thoughts?

Coach Creek: “Thanks for your support as always! I think everyone was disappointed with the end of this season, but for me as a coach it will motivate me to strive to improve the program and make it better.”