Football, Pre/Game | October 9, 2012

Pre/Game: SA Atonement (1-3) @ Bracken (4-1)

Series History: First Game between these two teams.
This Season's Results:
 BCS 56 Austin Hill Country 06   SAA 00  Fredericksburg Heritage 46
 BCS 66 Sugarland Logos     20   SAA 55  SA Sunnybrook           21
 BCS 60 Brenham Christian   12   SAA 00  SA Castle Hills         47
 BCS 58 Boerne Geneva       58   SAA 12  Boerne Geneva           58
 BCS 58 SA Lutheran         00

So here is the pre/game talk for San Antonio Atonement and Bracken.

Both teams have played an immediate opponent in Boerne Geneva, and both teams were beaten by that team.

Bracken Christian lost 58-56 while Atonement went down 58-12. Both of these games have been played in the past two weeks, so now you have an idea of what will happen this Friday night at Warrior Stadium.

Another Mercy game.

This is the time of year that Bracken has a schedule with several San Antonio teams. The history of 6-Man football in San Antonio is not good. The teams rarely have a team that can take good teams to the limit.

Bracken has faced San Antonio Six Man teams 16 times in their short history. Bracken’s record is 14-2. The two losses were during Bracken’s first year when they won one game and that game was against a San Antonio team.

Eleven of those teams were shortened games by ‘mercy’ and all 11 games have come consecutively.

Bracken is well enough known in 6-Man, that they can now start working on developing players for the next season called–Playoffs.

Kerrville OLH will not be the juggernaut they have been in the past after suffering major losses to graduation last season. OLH also has a new coach this year.

Even when Kerrville was on a row last year, BCS still was able to mercy them, albeit with a much larger number of points needed to accomplish that feat.

Last week, the Homecoming crowd were able to see some of those nuances of moving players around and getting them adjusted to new positions.

Sam Hilgendorf as the tight offensive quarterback is an example of some of those changes.

BCS also had Jordan Rohlmeier return after suffering an injury in the first scrimmage this season.

You can also add two new players that made their presence known last week with Mason Anthony and Connor Simmons. Anthony was all over the place on special teams, while Simmons has played the last two years for Bracken and wanted to come back after the devastating injury to Arnold Adame.

All of these different cogs in this machinery need to be well oiled before playoffs start this year.

SA Atonement will be the next opponent and Bracken knows what needs to be done to advance their eventual goal of making it to the final round and getting to Zephyr (home to this year’s Championship game).

Head Coach Lloyd Fields said it best when he commented last week after a homecoming victory and what will happen as this Warriors team goes through there next five opponents, “At this stage of the season, you don’t get better in practice, but you do in the games.”

Hopefully you will see BCS getting better in this game with SA Atonement.